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it depends on the website youre using. most will have options on the top or bottom of where youre typing similar to a word document. there should also be settings or customer support for most websites

Books | Answered on Sep 29, 2017

*insert your name* was the girl of *insert love interest*'s dreams. Her mocha colored hair curled into waves that the ocean would envy. She was smarter than any person he had ever met before. Every day he tried to wok up the courage to talk to the girl but he saw the way her beautiful grey eyes light up when she talked to her friends. He was intimidated. His friend group was small. what if he wasn't cool enough? still.. he longed to talk to her. short and petite, she was only 4'8 while he was almost 6 ft tall. she reminded him of a girl you'd see in fairytales.

Books | Answered on Sep 29, 2017

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Books | Answered on Sep 25, 2017

You sound like a young person so I will just tell you how my life went. When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut. Going into space was so new and exciting when I was young. Over the years, my opinion changed multiple times. I started off at university to get a degree in accounting and ended up with multiple degrees in Electrical Engineering.
Enjoy being young. Investigate all possible things to do as an adult. You will find something that will be your passion. You will know when you find it.
Good luck.
Semper Fi,

Books | Answered on Aug 31, 2017

If you want your book to be lengthy, I'd recommend the computer. Writer's cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome are a definite risk when writing things on physical paper. However, if you do end up writing by hand, I'd suggest doing light wrist exercises before and after writing.

Personally, I write my best work in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. It's easier to save, and gets rid of the possibility of losing any physical papers. That being said, be sure to back up your files frequently in case your computer crashes.

Books | Answered on Aug 06, 2017

A good rule of thumb for any story is to try and avoid overly simple characters. Rich backstories and good character interactions make for a much better plot.

If there is a female character, I'd recommend staying away from the "fainting princess/damsel in distress" approach. It's been done to *****. In recent years, more independant female characters have become increasingly popular with audiences/readers.

That being said, also try and avoid overly-heroic male characters. You know, the kinds that have no personality outside of being incredibly strong and princess-saving. Each character should have their own strengths, but it's also their weaknesses that make them relatable to readers.

Remember to develop your villains just as much as your heroes. Why are they the "bad guy"? Do they think they're the hero in their own mind, or do they just enjoy doing evil for the fun of it? Readers want to know what makes the baddies are so bad.

But if there's one thing that you should remember, it's this:
Readers/audiences appreciate a character more for their efforts than their successes. If a hero succeeds every time, it gets boring fast. What makes a hero a hero is the fact that they're willing to stand up to evil, win or lose. Losses are lessons to learn and grow from, use that to your advantage.

Books | Answered on Aug 06, 2017

Re-read it over and over again. Promote it. Relax.

Books | Answered on Aug 04, 2017

Go to your local Jr college or high school an contact the arts teacher. Tell her what you want an the student that co Es up with the idea you are looking for will get $100 or whatever you decide. Plenty of poor school students an starving artis.good luck

Books | Answered on Jul 19, 2017

Read book reviews.
Biographies as well. Check some here. Best latest and most comprehensive biographies of all times

Books | Answered on Jun 30, 2017

Hey. Look on this site under kids and teens books. We are and shall always be about books Raw reviews

Books | Answered on Jun 30, 2017

Yes there are so many aspects you can write about. Read some reviews here. We are and shall always be about books Raw reviews

Books | Answered on Jun 30, 2017

I have a bunch, but I'll list most of them.

Jane Eyre
To Kill a Mockingbird
Pride and Prejudice
Gulliver's Travels
The Odyssey
The Catcher in the Rye
The Great Gatsby
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Wizard Of Oz
The Three Musketeers
The Secret Garden
Sense and Sensibility

*Not in order of favorites, just randomness!!

Books | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

prologue is a separate introductory section of a work of literature, and an epilogue is a separate section at the end of a literary work

Books | Answered on Jun 20, 2017

She was probably catering more to the American audience

Books | Answered on Jun 20, 2017

I don't think so. I'm sure it's a clear goal

Books | Answered on Jun 20, 2017

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