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Turn out lights ,or close curtains , use small fishing net with long handle to secure bird then if squeemish wearing garden gloves hold bird firmly to rear securing wings in closed position and place in a cardboard box with a few tiny holes in it . Close up box

Birds | Answered on Mar 13, 2014

The great thing about this birdcage is that the divider can easily be removed. You can use it as a spacious one room cage without the divider or you can house two or more birds seperately by inserting the divider.

Birds | Answered on Feb 16, 2014

think someone else is using it, in fact i know they are.

Birds | Answered on Dec 01, 2013

What is your question? This looks like a serial number for some program. If you're seeking to activate it, please contact the program's publisher for the proper activation code.

If this is something else, please let us know what it is so we can help you.

Birds | Answered on Sep 26, 2013

no juncos should not be with any type of hookbilled bird

Birds | Answered on Aug 04, 2013

You probably need to take it to the vet and get blood work done to check for parasites or any other problems that could cause the bird to pluck. Also birds that get in the habit of plucking its almost impossible to get them to stop

Birds | Answered on Apr 22, 2013

There were several well-known people named Atticus.

Birds | Answered on Mar 20, 2013

Don't worry - lots of people struggle with the issue of bees ruining their hummingbird feeder. Take a look at this website for some simple tips to keep your bird feeder protected.

Birds | Answered on Mar 17, 2013

The Nature Chest website has a page of Bird Toys that are all less than $5. They also do bird food and treats so you will probably find some cheaper stuff there.

Birds | Answered on Mar 17, 2013

Use this website which gives a guide to the sounds of North American birds;

Hope you find what you're looking for.

Birds | Answered on Mar 17, 2013

1) Feed him fruits or vegetables in the morning and in the evening. Beyond that, just make sure that he has some pellets in his dish to supplement his diet.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

1) Parrots like to eat almost everything. You can also feed them human leftovers, as their vitamin needs are very similar to that of a human. However, never feed them avocados, pears, chocolate, tea, coffee, salt, uncooked potato, or alcohol because these foods can be lethal. The majority of their diet should consist of fruit and vegetables, along with some cheese, hard-boiled egg, chicken bone, or fish. Beyond that, you can supplement their diet with parrot food or pellets. Another tip, parrots naturally prefer warm foods because they come from tropical areas. Keeping this in mind, it may help to zap the food in the microwave for a few seconds before serving it.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

In the winter months there are no insects for birds to eat, so it is more important that they have an abundance of food in the feeder. As for what kinds of food, it can be the same seeds that you offer the birds in the summer.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

1) It is quite possible to have a wild bird come and eat out of your hand. The key is to remain very calm and not make any sudden movements. Have the food (probably seeds are best) in your hand and try to make sure the bird sees you. It helps if you make eye contact with the bird and even speak softly and in a very calm manner to it. Try to let it know that you are not an enemy. Have your hand held out so he can see the food. Finally, if he comes and lands on your hand, don't become scared and pull your hand away!

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

1) People are often amazed at how much baby parrots can eat. Although they are very small, their appetites seem to be insatiable, and sometimes it will seem like you are overfeeding them. In fact, it is very normal for them to eat a lot- it will help them grow and become healthy.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

Yes, they can. You can feed your pet bird pumpkin seeds that you bought from the store, or you can take them out of a pumpkin yourself, clean them, dry them, and lightly cook them in the oven on tin foil. it is healthy and birds do find it tasty, too.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

1) Yes, bird food can become rotten. It can clump up, become moldy, become infected with insects or rodents, sprout shoots or roots, and/or smell bad. If the food becomes too old, it loses nutritional value and birds may not find it appetizing.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

1) Kitchen scraps are generally fed to larger birds such as ducks and gulls. Because birds who eat from birdfeeders are generally much smaller, you should tear the food scraps into very small pieces so they can fit into very small beaks. Monitor the birdfeeder after a couple of days, and if the food is still there, it means the birds don't like it.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

Yes, birds can have food allergies. Usually the symptoms will be itchy skin, or possibly an increase in their drinking and urination habits

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

1) Different birds like different kinds of seeds. For example, almost all birds enjoy sunflower seeds. Other popular seeds include safflower, corn, Millet, Milo, Nyjer and Suet. If you know of a certain species of bird that lives near you, you can check the chart on this website to see what seeds that bird enjoys.

Birds | Answered on Dec 25, 2012

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