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Question about 1995 Sidekick

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SUZUKI VITARA 2.0 V6 PETROL ENGINE Hi i'm trying to find information on the suzuki vitara 2.0 v6 engine so i can remove the cylinder heads etc and carry out repairs I suggest either a "Haynes" or ...


...SUZUKI VITARA JLX SERVICE MANUAL ''Where can we find a FREE SERVICE MANUAL FOR SUZUKI VITARA 1998'' Free Suzuki Vitara repair manual Check in (free ...


Question about 1994 Sidekick

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owners manual for 1994 suzuki vitara check on ebay motors for manuels and literature.. type in 1994 suzuki vitari and usually they have one for all vehicles.

what are the valve clearances for a suzuki vitara 2.0 v6 year??? there is no 2.0 v6. the valve clearance is not adjustable on this model if it is a v6

need to know timing for suzuki vitara 1995 JX how do you check timming on 1995 2ltr vitara

Question about 1991 Sidekick

1 Answer

lost key to 1991 Suzuki Vitara must go to dealer with vin to have a coded key cut. or to a lock smith

suzuki sidekick Hi if the sidekick is the same as the uk vitara then they don't have a slave cylinder just a clutch cable with a nut near the end to adjust it. If its like a grand vitara they have got

were's the fuelpump under a suzuki vitara it's right inside the fuel tank, the tank will have to droped to get to the pump

why doesn't the fan heater on my suzuki vitara 1995 get very hot? possibly a themostat stuck open, wont let the vehicle heat up to operating temperature, just keeps serculating the antifreeze..

I need an owners manual for 1994 Suzuki Vitara 1994 Suzuki Vitara EFI-JLX 3 door 4x4 Hi , Just download the manual from:

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