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My Craftsman engine leaked gas out the breather when the float in the carb was stuck so it would not close properly. The pin that held it in place came out on one side so the float would not work properly.

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Drain the fuel tank. Dispose of the gasoline responsibly.
Replace the fuel line between the tank and the carburetor.
Put fresh gas in the tank. See how long it runs.

While you're at it, change the oil and remove any debris from
the cooling fins on the engine. It may be overheating.

If it still doesn't run, you probably failed to replace the fuel line.
Trust me, this is part of good maintenance for these machines.

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you should see at least 60 psi but 90 is better... do to the compression release mechanism if the engine cranks slow you might not see anything above 60...

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Yes it could be valves. I will need to know the make, model and serial number of engine. On Briggs and Stratton engines these numbers are typically on the top of the valve cover or on the very front hidden just under engine shroud. It may read model, type/code. If its a Kohler it will read family, serial, etc. If you can provide these numbers I can help.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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Torque Head Bolts

Since I do not have a way to send you a picture, I will describe the
sequence. With the cylinder head in a position where there are two holes on
your left and an open, blank, space on your right in the vertical surfaces
(you might want to make a sketch of this) - I will give the sequence going
in a clockwise direction. The open blank space I refer to is in the pushrod
gallery area.

No. 1 is in the center of the side closest to you. Number the holes 1 thru 7 going clockwise.

Tightening sequence - 1, 3, 6, 8, 5, 2, 4, 7.

Torque to 220 inch lbs. Tighten first round to 75 inch lbs next step to 150
inch lbs next to 200 inch lbs, then final step to 220 inch lbs. and recheck.
Tighten all bolts in sequence to whatever figure you are using.

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check your return spring on the deck. it goes from hole in bracket welded to deck to hole in moving lever that one of the deck pulleys is attached to. if spring is missing or broke, it will not dissengage or may dissengage slowly. If spring is there, the moving lever may have debris under it or may be bent. If spring is there, remove deck and try pushing the pully with the spring to see if it breaks free.

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I just put a new one on mine. Your owner's manual has a diagram. Should be a diagram on the deck close to right rear wheel.

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We're assuming that nothing has been done to diagnose your problem. I personally would start by removing the carburetor bowl and check for any contamination of either water or any other form of contaminants. If anything is found clean the carburetor bowl all out. The carburetor bowl I'm referring to sits on the very bottom of the carburetor and normally is held on with a brass colored plug or it will have a fuel shut off solenoid which will have a single wire that can be disconnected. Both styles( plug or solenoid) can be removed with a 1/2 wrench. If it is the electric solenoid style you may have to sacrifice one of your wrenches by grinding it down for there's not much room between the solenoid and the carburetor bowl. Care will have to be taken when reinstalling the bowl for the seal can fall away from where it should sit and can be pinched causing a leak. Start there and if that's not your problem we'll check other common options.

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are your blades engaged when you try to do this??
if so it is a back up safety feature from factory,turn blades off and try?
Or put the ignition switch in the position that will keep the mower running when you go in reverse with the blades on or push a button on dash when you go in reverse,probably not on yours just some of the features on some models and just something to look for on yours

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have you removed a rear tire recently? If so, you may have pushed the square key that locks the rim to the axle out

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You have the steering shaft the pinion gear on the end of the shaft and the stationary gear at the bottom on the frame. Either the gears are worn out or the steering shaft has too much play in it causing the gears to slip.

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If star is actually stripped, you will have to replace the whole spindle assembly and blade. I would not change just the shaft if I was you as its almost as expensive as the whole assembly.

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what kind of engine briggs /kohlar/ tecuseh

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There is a instruction decal,on how the belt is installed,around the pulleys. This decal can be found under the left foot rest,on most Craftsman tractors. Didn't find on left footrest,try right footrest. Hope this help answering your question. Sincerely,Brad Locke 11/23/15

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Go to a parts site and view the diagram. Like Sears Direct

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I believe that's a tecumseh trans axle. They really aren't a serviceable part. But it you're brave... Yeah I've torn them apart to replace bearings and such. I never found a "spec" for the lube but it's really heavy. I used a nice sticky molly grease when ever I put one back together.

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Hello, Here is the youtube video for the replacing on the drive belt:
How to replace Craftsman LT2000 mower deck belt

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need model number of engine.

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check the voltage to the solenoid coil when attampting to start the engine, you can also remove the 10ga. wire from the starter and check it that way too. with the starter motor spinning your voltage to the solenoid coil (the small wires) should be no less than 8-9 volts. With the starter spinning voltage to the starter should be about the same, anything less and you could be dealing with a bad connection at the battery, solenoid or the wire ends themselves. Of course all of this is assuming the battery is healthy and fully charged, weak batteries kill starter motors and starter solenoids, it makes them get real hot and fail prematurely.

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Can you expand on this? are you not able to drive? fwd/backword? Does engine die when you put into gear?

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