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Try under your feet! Remove the rubber mat - treat the rubber lugs carefully as they can be damaged and very difficult to replace. Remove the hatch, and under it you may well find the fuse box. Treat with great care, do not short the batteries or give yourself a nasty electric shock.

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Possibly your charger

or batteries or main 10 Amp fuse

Pride may tell you (as they told me) that it doesn't have one, nevertheless I found mine below the floor hatch under the foot mat ... and? It was blown. It's a standard 10 Amp car fuse, it cost a few cents and the problem was fixed.

The provider had said that it was definately my batteries and that he would replace them at €157.00 He didn't seem interested when I told him that they were already new! " One of them will be faulty then" he said.
Find that fuse, it's not in the tiller fuse box - but please don't forget that there is a risk of a power short or a bad electric shock be very careful and/ or get an electrician's help.

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Is the charger faulty? It happens

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There could well be, Pride hides them there and denies they exist, but they do.

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Almost all scooter manuals can be downloaded on the internet, do a Google search.

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This is very likely to be a binding hand brake, with a bit of help you can check this. IT IS NOT DIFFICULT BUT IF YOU DOUBT YOUR ABILITY GET A QUALIFIED MECHANIC TO DO THE FOLLOWING;

First loosen the rear right centre wheel nut ONLY and then carefully raise the back wheels off the ground and place blocks securely under the chassis frame.
Continue undoing the central wheel nut (only) and remove the rear right wheel and small axel key. With the scooter securely raised and all hands, clothing and obstructions out of harm's way switch on the scooter and use the wigwag to run the motor. With luck the noise will have gone, in which case it very probably was a binding brake pad, possibly caused by a dry, sticky cable or rusty or dry parts.
Try a spot of cable/ leaver lubrication (WD40), do NOT get grease or oil on the brake pads or on the wheel drum, clean these with a dry brush and rags. After lubrication work the hand brake leaver until it feels free and the lever returns fully.
Reassemble the right rear wheel onto the stub axel matching the groves exactly then tap the key back into the matching slot.
Test while the wheel is still off the ground, with luck the noise (which may also sound like cyclical scraping) will have gone.
NOTE! If you have any doubt about your ability to do this safely, have your brakes serviced - any good car or motorcycle mechanic would be able to thoroughly do this in about 30 minutes.

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mechanical error.. did u buy it new?

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hi , that is a throttle pot error, check the pot itself to make sure it's not come loose and check the connected wiring ...


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and the question is ?


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Okay now have you removed the motor from the gearbox, if so did you refit the coupler that located between the motor and gearbox, another cause is a sized brake... I can help in all cases , UK based ?


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Time for a new one. They do wear out in time.

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Have the controller module checked. You can also download the service manual from Pride's website. It has a lot of information in it as well as a complete wiring diagram.

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The legend has a Curtis controller. The flash codes you provided points the problem to a faulty throttle pot. If a new throttle does not fix the issue, then your problem is the controller itself.

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Hi. Loud clicking noises from the rear wheels are usually caused by movement of the square steel key that fits into a groove on the axle inside the wheel hub. This is what drives the wheels.
You will probably get a click for each revolution of the wheels.
To fix it, remove the rear wheels and wipe a thin smear of grease on the key and axle, then replace the wheels.
The grease will allow the key to move slightly without making a noise, and help stop it from wearing.
It sometimes helps to also remove the front wheels, and wipe a thin smear of grease onto the front stub axles. There is no key in the front hubs, but the grease helps to prevent the bearings siezing on to the axles.
Good luck. Neil.

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Possible blown bulb. If yours is like mine then you can remove the lens in front to access the bulb. If the unit is still under warranty do not touch it. Contact the place you purchased it and have them replace it. There may be a reason that the bulb blew out that a simple bulb cannot correct.

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This battery box attaches to the base platform with some very aggressive Velcro. The bottom of the box has a battery connector that mates up to the platform when the box is put on the scooter. The easiest method is to pull straight up on the battery box using the handle of the box. You will feel the Velcro release. Use 2 hands and wiggle it slightly. Some earlier versions had a battery box that actually locked into the base. This battery box required pulling out the flat release levers on both vertical sides of the box to release the battery box. I am going from memory on this.
If you need another technique, try removing the seat first and stand straight over the battery box. Bending your knees and grabbing with both hands pull the battery box handle straight up. It should release.
Before reinstalling vacuum and clean the platform and bottom of the box so that dirt is not keeping the surfaces from sliding easily.
Hope this helps.

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Hi, can you please explain by the term takes 30 minutes to power up ?

Do you mean once you turn it on , it takes 30 minutes before it lights up ?


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A8 and A9 are the parts you need to get this fixed.
CRM3400 Legend 4 Wheel Replacement Parts . This is not a very difficult repair for an experienced mechanic but may be tricky for a novice. The tiller needs to be held in place while you work on it. I usually tie a rope to it and throw it over a garage roof rafter to tie it off. A second set of hands works also. Getting the covers off is straightforward. The screws are well hidden so check out the blow up diagram first. The cable end with the stop on it is attached to the slot on the mech lock and the cable release lever is run out to the shroud cover. The adjusting lever assembly is pushed into the tiller housing first from the outside and then the cable is attached with a spring clip ( if memory serves me right). You might get lucky and the only thing you may need to do is reattach the cable with the clip and lubricate the mech lock with WD40.

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Rest switch

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there can be a couple of ways to do this ,

Upgrade the batteries2_bing.gif to a higher amps say 40amps to 55amps etc,

but if the controller is say 70amps, more powerful batteries will not make it go any faster so you will need to also look at the motor controller.

first what is the rating for the installed motor controller ? can that be upgraded to more amps say from 70amps to 110amps etc however you must take care here that the motor can handle the extra amps otherwise you will burn it out,


Pride New... | Answered on Mar 22, 2013 | 584 views

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