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Kodak 5300 won't print black.

The printer is only 3 months old. I use it a lot.

Half way through my 3rd black cartridge, the printer
stopped printing black (solid black like print and even
the background in photos), even though the level showed

I replaced the black cartridge with a new one, same thing.
I replaced the color cartridge, bt no change.
I ran through the printhead clean process. I tried to recalibrate.

Still no black...what next?
I was unable to reach Kodak thru their help center. No reply.

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I can SO relate to everones fustrations. I had had my printer for only a few months when I went to print out my wedding invites the POS printer RUINED almost half of them! I called Kodak several times and at the time their customer service calls were being answered "over-seas" and I am not racist (heck, I'm half hispanic myself!) but I could not understand most of what they were saying nor could they really understand me. So after back-and-forth conversations, they sent me a new print head which I received less than 3 weeks before my wedding...needless to say most of my guest did not recieve the invites until right before the wedding and weren't able to attend. Want to talk about PISSED. But unfortunately it doesn't end there. So my youngest son turned one year old right before the holidays and we decided to have his birthday party January 17th. My husband has been laid off for 2 months, so instead of buying expensive invites, we decide to print them with our "convient" kodak printer (ha!). Same FREAKIN THING!!!! (except i knew what was going on, so i didn't waste $50 worth of invites and 4+ cartiages of ink cleaning and calibrating). So I call Kodak and someone who I can understand answers the phone (thank you God! I really mean it, Thank you!) and I warn the poor girl that none of my anger is directed at her but I am anger beyond I could feel my face burning and was ready to bunt kick the printer! She said that they would send another print head...and I asked for a supervisor. I spoke with a guy who was really nice and helpful as he could be.
SO FINALLY I GET TO THE SOLUTION PART (its the best solution your probably gonna get with it anyway>>)
So he says that the reason why kodak printers printer better the quality photos (which they really do when they actually work!) is because they use a thinker ink that is pigmented more for photo quality. Because of that the print heads can get clogged more easily if not used "just right". Like most printers and most people I leave my printer on regularly. I turn it off, just not every time I use it. He said that all the little sounds that it makes is regular maintainence on the printer and the print head. So it should be turned off regularly. He also said that these printers are designed to do heavy duty photo printing. So if they sit unused for a period of time, that will also clog the print head and cause it to defect, not always imediately. So he told to print something at least once a week. It doesn't have to be a photo. It could be a demo sheet, or just some random thing. He said to use the print head cleaner setting every other month to prevent back up. And last but not least...they are sending me yet ANOTHER print head. I intend on following what they instructed, but if this happens again, they will replace my printer. They said they can't replace the printer until the 3rd "issue". They don't automatically give free ink with the head anymore, but if you talk to a supervisor and tell them how angery you are (that it screw up your wedding and now your son's 1st birthday party) they might give ya some free ink. Nice guesture, better than nothing. So I'm suppose to get my print head in the next week, mean time make my sons invites WAY late and making my life more difficult. For those of you who couldn't get ahold anyone, here is the number that I called:
You will spend sometime on hold, so make sure your phone is fully charged. I called at 8pm this last time and the wait wasn't too bad, so that might help someone. So call, get a new head, call again, get a new head, call again and THEN get new printer. THats the best solution I got. Hope it helps!

Posted on Jan 05, 2009


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Kodak Printhead Question

Can anyone give me contact information for Kodak Customer Service?
I think I need a new printhead, but cannot find anyone who can help.

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How is the printhead removed? Thanks.

Posted on Mar 28, 2008


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Printer not printing black ink

I have a Kodak 5300 printer it will not print black ink. I inserted a new cartridge it still will not print.

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The problem you are all having is with the print head (The black tray that your ink cartridges sit in).

Most of the time a simple cleaning of this will correct the problem, if it does not then you will have to call Kodak support and they will send you out another print head.

But lets try and see if we can get your troubled one to work again by following these steps...

1 - turn printer on and open the lid as if you were going to change the printer ink cartridges.

2- when the ink tray moves into the center and stops, remove both the black and color cartrdiges from the print head.

3- To remove the print head simply place your left thumb inside the head all the way to the left facing up and pinch the upper left lip of the print head to release it, then pull the entire tray out with your other hand ( there is a release inside the tray above the sticker of a finger and bullseye to the far left in the upper left corner inside the tray)

4- With the tray now removed be sure to look at the bottom and you most likely will find a build-up of black ink... clean this off using DRY paper towel as much as you can.
I used rubbing alcohol but if you do this make SURE it is completely dry before reinstalling.

5- Once you have cleaned the print head reinstall it in reverse fashion than you removed it, if you installed it right you will hear a solid CLICK noise.

6- replace the ink cartridges you removed if they still have ink in them and then close the printer lid.

7- You may get a notice that there is a new printer head and or cartridges and it will want to align and or calibrate the sure to do this!

8- Once the printer is recalibrated hit the menu tab on the printer and choose " clean ink head"... Do a deep cleaning 2 times!

9- Now try to print something that contains something black like a text document. If it works you are all set, if it did not then you will need a new print head from kodak. simply explain that you did the above steps and it did not work so that you can avoid support trying to run you through all this. They will send you a new one in 2 days.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Posted on Sep 04, 2008


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kodak 5300 series printer/is not printing black and white that is legiable


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There is a known problem with premature failure of the printhead. I called Kodak support at 1-800-421-6699. They will go through a short procedure with you, and then should offer to replace the print head free of charge. After I called (no wait, and an native English speaking operator), I received the replacement in two days.

Posted on Sep 04, 2008


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How do you remove the printhead of a Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer?

How to remove and replace the printhead of a Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer?

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Clarification: Remove tanks(cartridges)first. You see the bullseye target with a finger pointing to it.
Above the bullseye sticker, there's a rectangular button. Press it in until printhead dislodges.

Posted on Sep 18, 2008


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Home Center will not open...Can't scan

I can't get the darned thing to scan because the Kodak AIO Home Center software will not open. I have downloaded the latest soft and firmware for Windows XP , and am waiting for a reply from the online Tech guys.

I have reinstalled it several times...and tried the repair option.
Thanks, Monty

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I needed to reload my AiO Home Center software and no one seemed to have the correct procedure. Maybe if you remove & reinstall yours it will resolve your problem. This procedure worked for me on my XP-machine:
1. got to Control Panel/Printers&Faxes and delete the printer
2. go to your Hardware/Device Manager/Universal Serial Bus Controllers, right-click on USB Composite Device and select Uninstall
3. go to Control Panel/Add/Remove Software and remove the EasyShare software
4. disconnect the cables from the Printer
5. download from the program "install_aio.exe"; run the program
(I selected only AiO+EasyShare+Software Updater to load)
6. followed the prompts after the sw installed to reconnect the Printer cables
7. rebooted


Posted on Jan 27, 2008


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Kodak AiO Home Centre will not install

I've been messing with this too long now & given up.
My problem is with the Kodak ESP 7 printer which arrived at 11am this morning & it's now 7pm, I have spent all day using the solutions listed on this site & others to remove & reinstall the software a million times, changed all-sorts of settings & I'm not doing it any more.
The software CD supplied with the printer & all software down loaded will not complete, I see this on screen - "The installation was interrupted before KODAK AiO Home Center could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again" I've not bothered contacting Kodak, as I can see that no one has had any real solution from them. I have the printer working wirelessly & can print, scan & copy but I cannot install AiO Home Center, I'm not bothered about easy share, easy? what's easy about it? I cant count the amount of people listing problems on the web about this software, its ridiculous.
If any one wants to know? I just plugged a cable in the laptop & let windows install the drivers, then changed the port settings & added my ip address, it works wirelessly now.

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I had a similar problem with the Kodak ESP9 under Vista SP2 (32bit). I spent hours with Kodak chat Support and then by voice.
We seemed to repeat may things but the upshot was we got it working.
We ensured that net framework 2.0 or later was installed. We deleted all kodak files and also apple's bonjour software which loads during the install from disk. we checked the temp files for kodak stuff and deleted that and then downloaded the software from you can back track to your printer if it is not an esp9. save the software and then open the file location and right click and run as administrator. I found the Kodak people helpful and pleasant. They were a little difficult to understand at first as their cadence of speaking was different but once I got used to it their English is excellent. If the above does not work for you call 1800 421 6699

Posted on Nov 03, 2009


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How do I remove old printhead and install a new one?

How do remove old printhead and install a new one?

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I did not see the bulls eye, as there was not one there when we bought the printer;
But just get a flashlight, there will be a little and I do mean little button at the very to of the tray. you almost have to put your head into the printer to see it. Push that button up firmly but not try not to be to rough with it, lets face it this is a sensitive printer.
Pushing this button up will release the tray, and you will be able to pull it out.

Posted on Nov 12, 2008


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what do error codes 3501,3502,3515 mean?

i got a new kodak 5300 around jan 2.i used it one day & the ac adapter quit working. kodak support said they would send me a new one(the first time was on Jan 4)I have since called & chatted with Kodak support & they always say ,we'll call you back(which they haven't done .Today is Jan 28,2009)Well anyways, I borrowed a cord from a friend,wanting to be sure there aren't any other problems,before the warranty runs out.It printed terribly, faded to almost no color,I I cleaned the printhead and printed a diagnostic sheet, it listed these error codes on Feb 19, 2008(3501), Dec 31,2008(3515), Dec 31,2008(3502)Jan 1,2009 (3501) (these dates are before I got my printer) and on Jan 27, 2009(3501). #1.,What do these error codes mean, and #2., Why would there be those error codes previous to the date of my purchase, and finally, HOW CAN YOU GET SOME SUPPORT FROM KODAK SUPPORT?

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1. im not exactly sure
2. from the factory?
3. call 1.800.421.6699
also, i think the codes are related to your printhead

Posted on Jan 28, 2009


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Cannot install Kodak Easyshare 5300 aio software and home center

I've installed and uninstalled so many times, I can remember how many times. Now when I try to run the clear software I get Error code: 2738.
When I try to install the software I get Error code: 1638x17x3769580518x.
I have Vista Ultimate.

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are you by chance using an Apple Computer which also has Safari?

If so, you may have a register or .dll problem. Get to your location to type in the cmd prompt. (Either on start, run or windows button + r) once you have typed the cmd prompt, type "regsvr32vbscript.dll" and hit the enter key. ignore any error codes and this may clear any problems.

Posted on Feb 09, 2008

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