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It all depends on the DISH system and the TV. For the most part the CC signal is carried on the cable from the box to the TV. Not sure how you have the DISH connected to the TV, but lets assume its HDMI. Connected this way you should be able to go into the TV settings (use the remote that came with the TV, NOT the dish remote) and go into the settings or menu. From there look for audio. In the audio menu is a section for CC. You should be able to turn it on from there. Or just check on the LG remote. They sometimes have a CC button that you simply push to turn it on. Hope this helps

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Now,what happening to the tv power LED light indicaton,when u turn on the tv now?Tv don't have any power LED light incation at all or power LED light indication is flashing?Check ur power source with other devices,see if the outlet is the problems,if tv still have no power to the tv all.Tv LED power light indication is flashing?Tries tv unplug,replug it back like about an hour later for the tv to do a resetting itself back to the factory setting.Now tv should work be again.Still have the same problems,this indication ur tv have a bad or a dead power supply board.That the board,where the tv power a/c cord plug into it.If u understanding basic electronic and have all the tools.Take the tv backcover aparts.Check the tv power supply board carefully for dying capacitors parts,these capacitors parts are dying or dead,most of the times they're bulging up or puffing up onto it tops.Replaces these capacitors parts with new capacitors parts with the same micro ferid but higer voltages like about 5 or 10 voltages higher for better heat resistances and last longer.Or tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a whole refurbish power supply board for the replacement.

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Based on your description, it appears that you have main board issues with your unit since your controls do not work and some inputs are NG.

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redrover 11-13-2007, 01:03 PM Well I stumbled onto the solution to my problem, finally, but no thanks to any of the tech at my cable

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If you wish to get some details; check the site linked here. Viewing it in "Mosaic" will make surf easy.

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Subtitle setting is in the dvd setting not the tv, If the DVD would have CC it would be on the case, CC is encoded in to the tv signal

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Probably the internal power supply has failed.

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Check power outlet. Change it to another and try. Change input device to something that works. Look for any jammed buttons on the remote. Switch off TV manually, switch off power outlet, remove plug and cool it off for 48 hours and retry. If it does not work even then, this may need attention by a qualified service technician.

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The 3.4 should be for the microprocessor area and comes from the standby portion of the power supply-----that voltage should be on all the time so look carefully where it comes from---some sets use a op-amp IC to switch it on etc and others a relay---

Like a car with no power or voltage start at the battery working outwards.

With that voltage missing the set should have no operation at all.

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I also tried re-soldering joint L781 on the main power control board (see Solutions #2 and #7). It worked. My 15 inch Dell flat panel LCD is working again, white screen gone. The solder around the pin did looked different to to the other joints...a very slight gap around the pin as though it wasn't contacting properly. To locate L781, look at the bottom of the PCB (the side with the soldering) with the power plug socket at the edge closest to you. L781 is in the top left quadrant of the board, about 2 inches in from left, 1 inch down from the top. For good measure, I also tried the solution that suggested trimming a millimeter of the end of the two data ribbons that plug into the smaller control board, although I couldn't see anything wrong with the data ribbons. I did this at the same time as resoldering L781 so not sure if it made any difference.

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i have the same problem with the closed captions... i believe to turn off the captions you have to use the remote. press the CC button repeatedly until closed captioning turns off. in my case i lost my remote so i am unable to use the method to solve the issue. Can someone please confirm that this works. so i can buy a replacement remote. Thx

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If the closed caption is shaded out in the menu, this usually means closed caption is not an option. Closed caption can not be turned on if the TV is on component, RGB, DVI, Or HDMI inputs. The closed caption will need to be turned on by using the set-top box or other device that is connected to TV inputs. or if the tv is connected directly to the cable line or anteanna

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Hi, my name is John. Welcome to FixYa. Once you get to where it is greyed, press the + button. Thanks for choosing FixYa....John

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Tries unplug the tv for an hour,replug it back in.Go to tv Menu,go to PICTURE,go down to resetting.The tv Tuner board should resetting it back to Factorry setting.All the HDMI setting should work now.Not,than than the Tuner board is dead.Tries websites like Shopjimmy.com Ebay.com to buy a refurbish Tuner board for the replacement.

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Black screen means the backlight inverter is not working due to not haveing the 24vdc feeding it becuase of bad power supply, or the inverter board has blown fuse, short circuits, etc,
If you are going to DIY and have proper tools, electronics knowledge, and know safety precaution then please read on:

Please see my basic troubleshooting guide here:



Parts: www.shopjimmy.com

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could be your main power board going bad...

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It seems that your unit has some sort of Video side, PSU fault, or a problem to the Video section that is shutting down the Power Supply Unit, PSU. This happens so that no further damage, and possible fire will occur.
You need to take the unit to a reputable service centre/man and ask for a firm "Quote" for the work to be done.

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The power supply is a common fault on this model.

Buy a replacement from www.chsinteractive.co.uk

Not cheap though.

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