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Sounds lik a loose connection... E70
what you need to do if you are comfoable. ( best with certified spark tbh) is unplug machine nd check all connection internally are secure with no 'pulled' wires or pulled electrical connector clips. This may have become loose when replacing bebelt good luck

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Hi there
an F06 problem usually relates to a long drain problem the solution could mean one of the following but best to star with the least expensive first.
1.ensure that you have emptied the clog filter ( this filter usUSA.y at the bottom left of the machine behind a small door,
place a cloth on ground, unscrew the plug, some water comes out, and hopefully something that has prevented it draining correctly.
2. Ensure their is no kinks in the drainage hose ( usually a 1inch flexy hose at the back of the machine that will run into a hard plastic drainage waste pipe)
3. The pump may be a goner
4. If the heater has failed the washing machine will not drain your clothes correctly, this is an often overlooked cause when it comes to draining problems
hopefully your problem will be number one or two (DIY jobs)
good luck either way.

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E6 is listed by Samsung as :- Water temperature rising/falling too quickly. Check thermistor.
The thermistor is the temperature sensor, normally a probe located in the heater.
Unplug the appliance, take the rear panel off and the heater is at the bottom rear of the tub. Check the wiring to it and check the heater for continuity.
Apart from these checks you're left with replacing parts on a "fit and see what happens" basis. I'd try the heater and thermistor first.
Hope this helps.

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F51(F51)-Motor RPS Failure

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Sounds physical. Could also be one of the shock absorbers has come adrift or failed giving similar symptoms.

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There can be a loose bearing between the drum and the outer wall of the machine but, there is definitely something loose. I know that this is not what you would like to hear but, the best advice anyone can give you is have your machine looked at by a specialist. Moreover, going to your washing machine retail store, should have the equipment you are looking for, or you can search for it online and compare prices.

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Solution sent to NON English Speaking person. Speaks only Portuguese...I knows It Buddy Boy

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It is simple. First, shut the water off to your machine. Then Unplug it. Next, go behind the machine and Gently with a Hand Wrench turn the water inlet tubes counter clock wise to Loosen them. Then the screens are there to clean.

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check water valve inlet screens and pressure hose

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Here's a link that explains the "FH" error:

If you have questions about the information I provided, or need further assistance in trying to determine the source of your problem, please post back and let me know. I hope this helps provide an answer for you.

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this is a big job and prob spendy if not under a warranty......
the outer tubs are connected by metal fasteners which need to be removed by a flat screwdiver mark the old fron outer basket with a marker so u can replace those clips in the same get acess to the tubs turn power off and remove top, remove back panel, remove front as well console bottom panel etc,,, disconnect all componets,bellows gasket ,connection wires, tubes, remove motor, undo bottom pump tube, remove belt and remove back bolt holding on pulley, get two people and remove tub out front when completed disasseblying all necessary pieces.. once tub out then remove those metal fasteners and set aside front tube reinstall onto new rear/inner rear tubs... hope this helps i might have forget some things actually i know i did this is a complicated process hope this helps let me know

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Check your door lock switch

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door lock

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I also got the SUDS error followed by F35 many times. I replaced the analog water level switch, Wirlpool part number W10156252, and the problem went away. The part is located against the back right corner of the top of the washer after removing the top cover. The part cost $62.99 + $12.95 express shipping from I have the Kenmore HE3t Steam Washer, model number 110.46752 700 front loader. I was able to run about 6 loads of laundry by unplugging the washer, waiting about 5 minutes, the re-plugging and re-starting the washer. Thereafter, the problem became permanent. I always used HE detergent. The washer was purchased new in December 2007, and the I made the repair in September 2009. I spent about $1300 for the Kenmore H3t Steam Washer, and I am disappointed that it required repair after less than 2 years. My mothers old Maytag washer lasted more than 15 years, and was not susceptible to soap SUDS.

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There are 2 screws on the back of the control panel

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Common error with front loaders is the door interlock. Make sure the door is positively closed. A gentle open hand push at the erea of the door lock often gets a machine started.



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There is no actual computer, just a circuit board with firmware installed into the chip. Is the LCD display not functioning correctly? If the chip is damaged (I assume it is EEPROM), then you have to replace the board, there is no other fix for this unless you own a repair station with specific flash programming equipment.

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And the code is!? Gee I hate when that happens! OK look at these:
F1--Water supply/low water fill.
o 1. Check water supply to machine.
o 2. Replace water inlet valve.
• F2--Water level too high.
o 1. Plugged/Bad water pump.
o 2. Faulty water valve.
• F3--Pump problem.
o 1. Check pump trap and clean.
I go with the last one..Common, then the pump is bad then the valve. But You didn't tell Us!

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check your door switch

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