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Okay the bad news is most likely the bearings in the back of the front load drum are damaged and there may even be some cracking in the back this is causing it not to spin properly it will not be able to work for much longer and if you would need a major repair to fix many cases it is not worth fixing front loader because the average repair cost is around $400 you might want to get it looked at by an appliance professional but most expensive see the links below for more information Replacing the bearings on Kenmore HE3t front load washer Part 1 By How to...

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what's the model number,this is a drain problem to long to drain,check the pump to see if anything is in there blocking it or you have a bad pump.

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The tub support bearing may be worn.

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Make shure to do a cleaning cycle. As well, wipe out the inside, the rubber gasket and the door when done washing for the day. We also have found that
leaving the door "Open" for several hours, when finnished, eliminates any future

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Always start with the simplest thing, verify that the outlet is good before troubleshooting the machine. I cannot tell you how often the home electrical is the problem not the machine.

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I have the same problem. Nothing works fcfor the mildew. i have bleached it, used simple green and used baking soda. That washer is the biggest piece ever!! Good Luck!

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Try this: Soak the stained clothes in a solution of 1 quart of warm water, 1 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with water.
If this doesn't get everything out, then wash in warm water (or what the fabrics allow) using a color safe bleach and detergent.

The problem is that there was more dirt than what your detergent could handle. If you have a really dirty clothes item in the future, get as much of the dirt off using a vacuum or by soaking alone as you can. Then wash the item in warm water with detergent and color safe bleach.

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Hello Ameliafaith,

E-Z job...

If you take your model on line... to SEARS
(I don't ordinarily recommend)... BECAUSE THEY COULD ACTUALLY ... decode your ABREVIATED part number...

110. blah blah blah... (45986??)

The other sites actually have helpful VIDEOS...
But I already wasted enough time on this floundering with your
erroneous number (wrong no.)...

You will see these parts are reasonably priced and
very popular.. meaning they INDEED FAIL ... alot.

Go here:
Washer Door Lock Assembly Part Number 8181700 Sears PartsDirect

Carnac the Magnificent

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Hi, first things first. Your model and serial numbers should be on a sticker somewhere around the door opening. Next check the tub. With your finger,push up on the rim of the tub then rotate the tub a few inches and push up again. Continue through a whole rotation. If the tub moves and make a clicking noise you have a bad drum bearing and the cost to repair is more than the unit is worth. If that's not an issue,then it's probably just the shocks,replacing them should solve the problem. Hope that helps.

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If I remember correctly you have to move the door boot seal out of the way by removing the wire ring underneath to get inside to the door switch there are two screws holding in the latch on the outside

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I'm guessing the HOSE is the drain hose.
The goop is causing the drain motor to overheat causing it to report error. (luckily or it'd burn out).
Give it a empty load with nothing in it to see if it flushes it all out.
Just water.
See if it completes full cycle and check pump filter again to see if clean.
TIP. Make sure you check ALL pockets before you wash clothes.

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It is most likely a quide, could be the bearing has worn out and the drum is rubbing the guides.

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Remove the soap tray and clean the orifice.

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question.

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"F13" is a "Dispenser Circuit Error". If the dispenser motor cannot move to its correct position, the error code is generated. You will need to check the following:

- Check the mechanical linkage from the dispenser motor to the top of the dispenser. NOTE: 9 times out of 10 the small spring that connects the motor to the armature comes off and needs to be reconnected.
- Check the electrical connections from the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the dispenser motor. NOTE: The CCU is the Main Computer located directly behind the wash tub.
- Check to make sure the dispenser motor is running.

In order to see all of this you will need to remove the top panel of the washer. Remove the three screws holding the top panel in place in the rear. Once the screws are removed, the panel slides back then off. Locate the dispenser. Make sure there is a small spring attached from the dispenser motor to a small plastic armature on top of the dispenser. Without it the dispenser will not function. Place the washer in diagnostics mode by performing the following:

Select DRAIN/SPIN, NO SPIN and press any key under OPTIONS (must be the same key) 4 times. "C00" will be displayed on the console as the washer enters a series of diagnostics tests. The first portion of diagnostics tests the operation of the dispenser. You should see the armature moving as the different compartments of the dispenser are being tested. If not, I would suspect a possible dispenser motor failure. As a long shot, the CCU can also fail, but may cause different symptoms and multiple error codes. Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to exit diagnostics.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please post back if you need further assistance.

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F21 relates to a motor or control board fault.

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this code is for flow error , its telling you the washer hasn't detected the proper flow of water in the time allotted for it to fill up , ck your hoses for kinks and your shut off valves for being full open (they need full open) also can be a fault in the flow sensor inside washer (happens a lot with high mineral water ) it sets up hard inside the flow sensor and blocks it from working well

ohh and I have seen in one case the homes water pressure was too low for washer to work as well , but this is rare and that one case was on a well system not a city supply ,but this too is fixable as well (pun intended)

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Before digging further, lets try unplugging the washer from power for 3 minutes, then plug it back in, turn it on and select a cycle and try starting it.

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It means the washer did not get any water. Make sure the HOT and COLD taps are both turned on (even if you only use cold). If that wasn't it, check the screens on the inlet where your hose connects to the washer. They get clogged or rusted. If this does not solve your problem it could be a water valve or water sensor issue.

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Have you cleaned your machine lately? They make an in wash boost- it gets rid of the extra suds built up inside the machine that you cant see but your machine detects it and causes faults such as that. Also, there is a small wire on the control board that may need replaced if it keeps kicking the error code.

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Could be that the 'spider' mount for the drum is broken and the drum is catching on the surrounding plastic outer drum.

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