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If you plug the charger into the wall, turn on the power switch and the light comes on, the charger should be working properly. Here is a way to test it-
Attach the charger that came with the power chair to the power chair controller firmly and turn the power chair on, while the charger is running. What should happen:the lights on the controller will scroll back and forth. If this does NOT happen and you can confirm the charger is turned on, the charger handle is fully seated inside the controller receptacle and the wall outlet has power, then the charger may have a problem and needs to be replaced.

If the charger is OK, then there may be a problem with the batteries. Here are some sypmtoms:
1-You connect the charger but the light on the charger never goes red, it just stays green.
2-You connect the charger but the light goes from red to green VERY fast.
3-The charger light goes from red to green but when you disconnect the charger and press the power button on the controller, you only have one flashing red light, or the batteries drain within just a few minutes of use.
4-The power chair has been stored or sitting idle for several months.
5- The power chair has been connected to the charger 24-7 for several months.
Any of the above examples indicates that the batteries are oxidized or damaged and will most likely need to be replaced. The MPV5 takes two, U1 12 volt 33 amp batteries which can be purchased at any battery warehouse store like Interstate Batteries or Batteries Plus.
Good luck!

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When changing a wheel one must remember to reinstall the shaft key, or the wheel will not be secured to the shaft. The shaft of the motor is turning but wheel is not.

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Unfortunately your batteries are either disconnected or dead, below charging threshold of 16v. Time to check the connections and/or replace the batteries.

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Most of the time it may be the batteries at fault. One more thing to try is charging the chair with the Joystick on all night 10-14 hours uninterrupted charging. Your chair may suffer from current roll back. There is a circuit in your system that has to be reset by the long charge cycle to reset it. I did not make this up. it occurs when the motors over heat or have a a large current draw. the chair will operate normally for ten maybe even twenty mins. then suddenly drop down to 2 flashing red lights.

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if it is not working check freewheel levers

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Time to replace the battery with a new one.

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It sounds like you may have bad bearings in the caster wheels; replace them and see if that solves the problem.

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There is no reset button.

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The pressure is 50 PSI, but 45 PSI worked better for me.

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There is a bolt and nut to tighten. Put a 1/2 nut drive tool between the front tire's 3 o'clock position and the tire fender. Tighten to add back the resistance.

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You are much better off just buying the flat free drive tires with the wheel attached for @ 55 each. With that being said, the wheel will separate it takes a lot of elbow grease, a large flat head screwdriver and patience. Be very careful not to tear and/or stretch the tire bead and resist the temptation to spray lubrication of any sort to separate it. Again, call Hoveround or look on ebay and order two with the wheels.... you will be glad you did..

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The serial number typically does not have any involvement with Medicare but is used by manufacturers and DME providers to track the chairs. The true definition of what is a group 2 power chair would take a long time to explain but single option Group 2 chairs are coded: K0835-K0840 for single power option and K0841-K0843 for multiple power option.

The specific code depends on the specific chair the person meets medical coverage criteria for. The Hoveround MPV5 you have pictured would typically be K0836 - Power wheelchair, group 2 standard, single power option, captains chair, patient weight capacity up to and including 300 pounds

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We don't work with Pronto's here so I don't have any tech manuals or experience for it, but this may be something as simple as just making sure the brake/clutch lever is fully set. If it is not that, then it is usually something wrong with the clutch or internal brake assembly.

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1. Disconnect joystick cable.
2. Remove seat.
3. Undo straps on battery covers.
4. Disconnect batteries.
5. Remove batteries.
MPV 5 requires 2ea 12V, up to 35 ah agm or gel batteries. (The ah will vary depending on the brand of battery used). My personal preference is Werker batteries (12V, 35ah agm) at Batteries Plus. If you can get the chair there, they will install them for you and give you a 1 year warranty which is 6 months longer than most.

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Hoveround doesn't publish the manual online. Go to their website and get the contact number to call and request a manual...usually at a fee...they ****. Next time, buy a Pride, Invacare, or whomever has the owners manuals online.

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I've never had much luck getting information like this for most joysticks, and have never gotten it for Penny+Giles stuff. You may have the best luck looking for a used replacement joystick on eBay or Craig's List.

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Most number tags our near the motor area. You should find a number silver in color , it will be riveted to your chair the first will be a model number the second number will be you serial number. You might have to get some help to get down and look at it. The tag will be marked SS for serial number and MOD for model number. most of the time it will be by the drive motor. I hope it helps.

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You will need to remove the seat and the shroud to get inside your chair. Once that is done, you will see the cable coming from the motor and then plugging into the control box. Unplug the cabe and do a visual examination of the connectors. Rarely, but occasionally these will overheat and cause a bad connection.

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