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I had the same problem after replacing the white panel on my Bosch SHE45M02UC with a stainless panel. I got the C6 error code. I called Bosch customer service twice and neither rep was helpful. One guy told me he didn't know what the C6 code meant. He suggested that I call a local appliance repair guy and he would know what the code meant. I replied, you mean to tell me you work for the manufacturer of the dishwasher and don't know what the error code stands for but a local repair guy that doesn't work for Bosch does?

After all this frustration, I took the panels off and tested the dishwasher with no buttons. It worked fine! Turns out, each identical button isn't identical. Each one is labeled A-G. After putting it back together, no more C6 code! On a side note, try reseting the dishwasher. With the dishwasher on and door closed, hold down the cancel/reset buttons for 5 seconds and release. The disher should drain and reset.

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I had this same problem and in addition as it ran water dripped out the bottom while the dishwasher was running just before the tap light came out. Check the outlet hose is not blocked. Ours was blocked at the T junction where it met the sink outlet. Once the blockage was cleared we hit another problem - the pump kept trying to drain - even when the door was open. Found an excellent solution to that on this site. It had occured as the previous problem had casued the flood switch to be triggered. We had to tile the sihwasher back 45 degrees to fix it. Now its workig fine again.

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You need to replace the drain pump on the dishwasher, the motor most likely has something caught inside and will only open/close so far.

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Had the same problem.
there is water in the base of the machine, and all that is happening now is the pump to drain the machine is working. If you can manage this next bit physically, the quick temporary solution is to turn the machine off at the mains, empty the machine of contents, and in my case, I had to pull the machine out, and drain the machine by tipping it about 45 degrees by lifting the front of the machine. The water will drain out the back of the machine ( I managed to place some cardboard underneath the machine to soak it up) and once drained of the small amount of water, let the machine go level again.
when I turned the machine back on, it functioned normally again for a while.
eventually had to call in a repairman, as it continued to malfunction every couple of weeks. In my case his initial diagnosis of a split container was wrong, and after he took the left hand side of the dishwashing machine off, he has found that the hard water has clogged a component which needs replacing.
i got the quick fix method on YouTube, either by typing the E15 Bosch dishwasher fault on google, or going directly to you tube.
Good luck!

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locate the tech sheet for your machine. It can be taped to the back of a panel or on top of the machine or usually behind the lower panel. The tech sheet will tell you how to enter the service program and check for error codes. It sounds like the control board is failing.
You can check at Appliance Parts Pros or Repair clinic for parts for your unit.
Hope this helps.

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PC board needs to be replace

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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Something might be stuck in the blades, and even though the impeller is working, the blades cant. That means there might be a blockage. Thats usually the reason why something wont drain. I'm not an expert, its just me trying to be helpful, I do "little fixes" around the house and have taken apart a sink before to clean out the drain. [find a butter knife once] You might have to take the disposal out to go over it.

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Some Bosch models have a switch that stops the dishwasher from running when there is a leak. The water collects in the bottom of the machine. Give it a check.

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Make sure the drain pump is clear of any blockages and obstructions and that the drain hose wasn't kinked when you re-installed it.

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I hope that the manual will help you.

Seems that there is a trouble with the connection.

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That sounds like your drain pump has gone out. Bosch will fix it for you... Im not sure how much they charge. Im looking up the part for your model dishwasher and the pump is $88 (part number is 167082) . You can call Sears at 1-800-469-4663. We will come out and fix it for you. The service charge is usually $55-$65 depending on where you live, and then its the price of the part plus labor. Usually with a dishwasher thats drain pump went out its more cost effective to buy a new one, EXEPT when it comes to Bosch because they are such high end dishwashers. Hope that was helpful.

Check your installation. Most likely the drain hose has not been installed with a high loop.This is the most common mistake I see with Bosch dishwashers.
You may want to search GW for High Loop to get more info on how to correct your problem.

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Try running empty on hot with a cup of vinegar to clean the machine, then empty with a cup of cooking oil to lubricate it. Might work, might not, but cheaper than a service call or a new machine.

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Cleaning liquid is available from all good outlets,but do check your dishwasher filters and outlet pipe for blockages.

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using to much soap will cause this problem.
If the unit can not get all the soap out on the rinse cycle, it will leave residue on the glasses.
1)Make sure you are using rinse-aid!!!!!
2) turn your sink water on before you turn the d/w on. That way the water is already hot when it goes in.

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sounds like the pump has a blockage in the machine or if there is separate pump to drain as opposed to the one that pressurizes and washes your dishes it may be faulty some machines ( not sure about this one ) have two a high pressure pump for washing and a low pressure one for emptying . Some machines have a system that switches the pump from wash to outlet and this is a usually a relay to an electr'o mechanical tap ( it directs water to jets or out to drain ) all of these systems are controlled by the Programmer and should this go faulty many problems can occur. I suggest you seek help from your local repairman, this type of fault will probably be very familiar to him

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Could you elaborate on this please? Do you mean print on the fascia?
if you mean digits in the display, some models only display the delay to start time and not the wash time. Refer to the user manual for the features of the product and if it is not working as it should please be more specific with your problem. Thanks.

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You will need to replace the Drain Pump Motor Assembly Bosch Part Number:AP2802385.

Most Bosch dishwashers are relatively straightforward to work on.
However, it you are not familiar with their disassembly and reassembly, you should take clear pictures of every part or wiring connection before you take it off or disconnect it. This will be invaluable when reassembling the dishwasher.

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I believe you have found the code sequence as shown in your additional information post. Please clarify if you are looking for anything additional.

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These have a instant water heater or circulation pump with in built heater. It could be the relay on the control module burnt out. Either that or possible water pressure / level issue's or pressure switch issue.

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The control panel is fixed to the stainless steel inner panel. You will need either a phillips or a T20 torx screwdriver depending on what fixing have been used. You will need to take out all the screws which line up with the control panel plastics. There is usually one in the left and right sided at the top of the inner frame also. The screw by the door lock along the top will have to come off if it has one. Looking at this unit it is an older design so it should do.

Now sometimes you will need to loosen off the screws holding the front decor panel a bit, I normally loosen the top and middle ones enough to free up the control panel a bit to jiggle it out of position. It is easier to take this decor right off and get the control panel out but takes longer.

Now if you have the unit I think you do the plastics on the control module will be quite brittle so be careful not break it if you need to check it for some reason. There are a few plastic clips around the module which clip it into the metal frame. The metal frame clips into the display fasia. You should see the clips round the edge of the metal frame which are tricky to get off sometimes. Once you have the display plastics separated, then you can un clip the module from the metal frame. As I said be careful especially of the buttons.

Also be careful not to pull on the cables to much if removing witht he decor panel still on the unit. The edge of the metal may cut into the wires.

As with any work on electrical equipment, please stay safe and make sure the unit is unplugged.

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