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try some thread locker, loctite etc

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There is a full description of how to change the cable on our help pages.

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Hi most oster replacement spares are available on our website anything not listed just contact us.

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please view help pages on link attached. Anglia Clipper Services

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might be a 110 Volt clipper? If they are old blades it could be a build up of rust!

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1 stiff bristle brush, 1 can of clipper cool care 5 in 1 cleaner disinfectant. Spray blade well , use the stiff bristle brush in the direction on the teeth of the blade. A pipe cleaner can be run in between the blades to remove any hairs left inside the blade. Spray well when done and a drop of oil should do the job

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In order to sharpen these blades you must first dis-assemble them (paying particular attention to the way everything fits together), Next you need to get a piece of glass or something as flat as possible and tape a sheet of 180 grit emery paper with the rough side up. Then you put the upper blade on the emery paper wih the flat side down and stroke it back and forth in a straight line at least 100 strokes each way. Turn the blade over and examine the surface with a magnifying lens to see if you have honed the blade flat all the way across. Next turn the blade 90 degrees and again stroke the blade back and forth in a straight line. Turn the blade over and examine again to see if you have removed all the first series of strokes and the new set is flat from edge to edge. If so then put that blade aside and do the same thing to the lower blade until it is flat across and up and down. After reaching this stage you need to remove the 180 grit paper and go up to 230 grit paper and repeat the whole process. After completing the second stage you progress to 400 grit paper and repeat once again..
Make sure you keep the blades straight so the hone marks are up and down and from side to side and you should have an almost razor sharp cutting tool. Also DO NOT USE SAND PAPER only emery paper or cloth. I know this sounds like a lot of work but after you've done it a couple of times you can whip out a blade in about 20 minutes.

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Blades are available online at



But once the plastic clip that mounts the blade to the unit brakes you are screwed. Oster can't supply that anymore. You can always sharpen the blades and make sure you keep them lubricated going forward. Google sharpening clipper blades to find instructions.

Steve O. Minneapolis, MN

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If you are dealing with a 76076-010 clipper, this is how you remove and replace the detactable blade. There is a small gun-metal colored bar at the very rear, just below the back of the blade. It pushes inward, in the direction of the blade. Push it firmly in and pull up on the teeth of the blade. It should pop upward. You can then remove the blade from the tongue that it sits upon. When you want to put it back, slide the blade back on the tongue, then, WITH THE MOTOR TURNED ON, push the blade down to its seated position. It will click into place. If the tongue has gotten pushed back against the body of the clipper, simply insert a screwdriver blade behind it and pop it back out so that you can slip the blade back on it.
Hope this helps you.

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the lever on the clippers locates into the cutter of the clipper blade its only a matter of lining the lever up with the slot in the top blade which you can slide from side to side by hand. Please keep in mind wear on this plastic Drive Lever may lead to cutting problems.

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these blades can only heat up with friction. if it has been serviced and cleaned properly, then you have one of three possible options.

1. it is possible it has been cleaned or reassembled incorrectly. debris (hair) in the unit, or overtightening can cause too much friction between the moving parts of the blade. strip and clean as per users manual instructions, taking extra care to reassemble correctly.

2. if the unit has been well used, it is possible the contact surface between the blades has become worn or damaged, again resulting in too much friction. the only cure for this would be to replace the detatchable blade unit.

3. if the unit is new, it is still possible that the unit is faulty. if it is still under warranty, change the unit. while quality controls in factories is far better now, you can still have units with a fault when they are brand new.

these units are usually very good, requiring only basic maintenance for many years service.
if there is a problem, it is usually very early in the life of the unit due to manufacturing fault, or after much use and worn out. or due to incorrect maintenence.

if cleaning again does not fix the problem, then replacement will be your only realistic option as these units are not designed to be repaired.

hope this helps.

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what is your question regarding? I am sooooooooooo confuzzled *scratching pretty head*

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Check out My Video on how to replace Oster 76 Switch at Mannys-Sharpening.com Service You can Trust Since 1990

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Generally removing the two screws.. on the blade foot (don't do this over the sink unless the drain is closed!).. and taking the blade apart.. cleaning the trimmers with a small brush.. apply grease in the blade groove.. reassemble

Usually it's best to put those two screws back just get them in lose.. not quite snug..set the blade upside down on a flat surface..so it pushes the blade back away from the cutting end..level..then tighten those screws while you are pushing or holding down on the clippers cutting edge against the flat surface/table. ... oil the blade with the proper oil or a light mineral oil.

This usually will get them back to cutting properly..the blade should be oiled prior to each use...about two to three drops right along the visible part..or a light spray also hair should be clean.. dirty hair does not cut well at all..and the clippers will tug and pull rather than cut cleanly.

Lastly..if they see a lot of use. might be blade replacement time..

Best of luck!

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Lol I jst fixed mine myself. Da spring was broken replaced it

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i needed to replace my blade - my husband replaced it but it would not cut so we took it apart and cant figure out how to put it back together. nothing helpful on line.
did anyone have a link how to put all the pieces back together to create the blade? thanks

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Ali decides to invest a certain sum of money in business atthe end of each year in the form of an annuity. He wants to get a sum of Rs.40,000 after 20 years. If the payments accumulate at expected profit of 8%compound annually, how much should he start investing annually?

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do the screws undo or do the brass inserts pull out of the body housing which the retaining screws fit into.
if the screws undo put some thread lock on the threads.
if its the brass inserts you will need to replace the mainbody.

Oster 76076-010... | Answered on Nov 23, 2010 | 307 views

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