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Check Idle Air Contol solenoid.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered 2 days ago | 21 views

When does this happen ? Driving down the road ,just sitting in your drive way ,engine running or not .

Door Lock System Components
The Power Door Lock System consists of the following components:
• Body control module (BCM)
• Driver door lock switch
• Front passenger door lock switch
• Reversible door lock actuator in each of the doors
• IBCM (PWR) 15-amp fuse
• Driver door cylinder switch, if equipped

Door Lock System Controls
The Power Door Lock System is controlled by the body control module (BCM) and can be activated by any one of the following:
• A door lock switch lock or unlock actuation
• A keyless entry transmitter actuation
• An automatic door lock or unlock actuation
• A last door closed locking (LDCL) actuation
If the driver door cylinder switch feature of the vehicle is functional, the locks may also be operated by a driver door cylinder switch lock or unlock activation

Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop , one with a professional scan tool that can view BCM - DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes .

Power Door Lock Switch Operation
Each door lock switch is wired to the body control module (BCM) through a separate door lock/unlock signal circuit. While these circuits are separated between the BCM and respective door lock switch, they are connected into a single circuit within the BCM. The BCM supplies voltage through the door lock/unlock signal circuits to each door lock switch. When either door lock switch is operated, this supply voltage is pulled to ground, providing the BCM with the required lock or unlock signal. In order for the BCM to distinguish between a lock and unlock signal, the lock switch contains two separate paths for this voltage to flow to the same body ground. When the switch is operated to the unlock position, the supply voltage flows to ground through a 1.5 K? resistor. When the switch is operated to the lock position, the supply voltage flows to ground through a different part of the switch circuit, which has no resistor. The BCM then interprets the flow of voltage as a lock or unlock request and powers the door lock actuators to the appropriate lock or unlock position.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 16, 2020 | 27 views

First, check to see if any computer codes are stored. With a scanner check the reference voltage to the throttle body sensor and coolant temperature sensor. If the TBS is reading 5 volts then the computer will think the system is flooded and not fire the injectors. If the CTS is bad the computer will think it is 40 below and flood the engine. Also be sure that the plugs are good and the air filter is not plugged. How much pressure is in the fuel rail? 50-60 psi is running pressure.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 16, 2020 | 37 views

I believe they have a fan switch that tells the fan when to turn on. If so them switches go bad as and don't cost much. It either does and you can follow the hot wire from the fan motor to the switch that will be in the water jacket usually in the front or side if engine. If the wire goes straight into a wiring harness it us controlled by the computer an DC is a much bigger problem to have fixed.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 13, 2020 | 18 views

Any slight imbalance in the rotating fan will be most noticeable at low speed because it may be hitting something in the cavity. Check it out of the car.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 13, 2020 | 40 views

Take help from online websites that have this service like helping in repair some like reliable-store have instant help.. others are a bit slow which I don't prefer... rest is up to u.. U can also get free manuals

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 11, 2020 | 18 views

most likely in the service manual

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 06, 2020 | 30 views

Just to add to this one if the reduced power light is coming on then your having a failure in your electronic throttle system. Get the computer scanned for codes and post the exact code numbers not the code descriptions.

2004 Saturn VUE | Answered on Jan 02, 2020 | 40 views

I think there are rolling codes. You may have to find instruction how to program new key to your car. Usually requires original key to be present.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Jan 01, 2020 | 18 views

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Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Dec 31, 2019 | 38 views

Cud b sumpthin jammed or switch is bad. The regulator or wiring cud b at issue. Swing it into apartstore for freehelp or buya haynesmanual

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Dec 29, 2019 | 24 views

What do you mean no keys ? How are you trying to start the vehicle ? Ant-theft system disables the fuel injectors if a proper key isn't used . Your best bet , take it to a qaulified repair shop

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Dec 28, 2019 | 26 views


Tip & How-To about Cars & Trucks

Want to bypass your vehicle security system?
The short answer is you can't!

All modern cars have alarms and immobilizers. There is a chip in the key and a chip in the ignition lock. If both are present, the ECM (engine control module) releases power to the ignition circuit. When you turn the key, the starter spins the engine and you get a spark. If any one of those three items are not in the chain, you get the engine to turn, but no spark. There is no way to beat the system. You have to fix what is wrong, not find a way around it.

The immobilizer is in place to stop exactly what you are trying to do.

Posted by Andrew... on Mar 26, 2016

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Dec 26, 2019 | 26 views

is it not front wheel drive???

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Dec 22, 2019 | 24 views

There are a couple different levels that you may be talking about. The first low level relearn procedure is when the ECM is reset or the codes are cleared. It usually takes at least two ignition cycles and two days of driving for the ECM to come out of default. The other Relearn procedure can only be performed with a professional scan tool. Through the scan tool the user is able to reset fuel trims and a few other parameters. I hope this helps but if there is more to the question. Feel free to write back.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Dec 21, 2019 | 22 views

It should be on the passenger side center column. below the gearshift section and the AC control module.

Saturn Cars &... | Answered on Nov 30, 2019 | 25 views

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