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If the fan works when you bypass (jump) the relay, then the solution should be to replace the relay.

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I'm assuming you mean the shaft that goes from the transmission to the wheel. If you are moderately handy, it is fairly easy to do, just time consuming. There are several good you tube videos on the procedure. You should be able to find the part fairly cheap at a local junkyard. Possibly even on Ebay.

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Don't know Saturns well, but could be a "fusible link" blown. These are in side power wires usually near battery or starter motor.

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How long since a tune-up? Any applicable trouble codes? If issues are temp related, check your coolant temp sensor. I'm not saying replacing that sensor will definitely fix it?
Also, use a gage and check proper fuel pressure, my info says 38--44 psi. After you bring up the proper fuel pressure, turn off the key. My info says the max fuel pressure drop in 5 minutes is 8 psi. So if the fuel pressure drops like a rock, you have a fuel pressure leak and you need to find it and fix.

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If you're finding it difficult to service/repair your car, get one of those online manuals. You'll not have to wait for others to answer, or rely on mechanics and all. Plus i know a website that has very good manuals online,
without expiry i.e. for lifetime.

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You may just have to wait it out until the shorted out areas dry out, or disconnect the battery cables, replace the fuse, reconnect the cables and see what happens. HOWEVER: If you do, you will also reset everything else electrical. . .

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anybody thought to check if the timing belt is still turning the cam shaft
That is one reason that engine just stop dead with no spark

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I had this same problem and put a switch inside the car to turn on the relay remotely. But I believe it is the connection at the temperature sensor near the top of the transmission. My wires were stretched at this sensor from the factory. I have not tried to replace it rework it but if you used an ohm meter you could determine if the wires and or sensor have continuity. This is not the same sensor that runs the temperature gauge in the dash.

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It's called a mode door actuator. Replace it.

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forget the plugs and wires
that is a mechanic scam
the more likely misfire is from dirty fuel and bad injectors and low fuel pressures
just use a couple of cans of quality injector cleaner first
Plugs in modern electronic controlled engines can last the entire life of the engine or more than 10 years if left alone
again take it to an accredited transmission specialist shop for a better diagnosis and quote or you could wind up being told that you need a new transmission

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Usually with a high idle, block off the mouth of throttle body, it should kill the engine. If very little or no effect on the idle, you got false air getting in there from somewhere.
Also, check and clean anything that has to do with idle air system. Make sure throttle valve closes. Make sure all accessories are off before you try to start it, hvac--radio--lights--anything, don't give the computer an excuse to up the idle.
How long since a tune-up? Any applicable trouble codes?

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Can you clarify a little better . does not crank ??? As when you turn the key to the start position nothing happens ? The starter does not engage an spin the engine ? Control module has nothing to do with that . Park neutral safety switch maybe, ignition switch possibly, main B+ cable from battery to the starter solenoid. If you would look at a wiring diagram to see what all is involved in the starting system on your vehicle an testing the starter electrical circuit's . Doing voltage drop testing on the starter main B+ circuit .. Starter Voltage Drop Don't keep changing out the starter , that is not it. Free wiring diagrams here Enter vehicle info. Year , make , model and engine size. Under system click engine ,then under subsystem click on starting . Click the search button then the blue link. Now look at the wiring diagram ,DO YOU SEE A CONTROL MODULE any where on that diagram ??????
You should learn how to diagnose be trying to fix cars.
Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know

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You need to replace the heater/AC blower motor the motor shaft bearing is defective..

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Could be crankshaft sensor, fuel pump, or vacuum leaks. See ideas for troubleshooting at links below.
Do It Yourself Diagnosis and Repair
Do It Yourself Diagnosis and Repair

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I was curious never had a standard shift with your problem. Found a guy which had similar problems but only fifth gear would work. He put some final notes which I will post maybe it will help. His problem was the cable broke so he was not really shifting into gear.(96 Saturn)
1. If you are having the problem, first visually check the cables under the hood - make sure they are still connected
2. Then check the cables visually, inside the engine compartment. The lower cable is hard to see
3. Next thing to check would be where the cables connect to the shifter. You'll need to remove the center console. 2 screws in the back of the console, two at the front behind the fuse panel door, and in the same place on the drivers side. Popout and disconnect the power window switch assm. Pop out the cup holders, twist out the little light. Disconnect the cigarette lighter. The shifter **** is a friction fit - pull up but watch out - mine let loose with a lot of force - watch you head.
Check the cables to make sure they are still connected to shifter. A common problem reported often (not my problem), is the cable bushing breaking. The end of the cable has a plastic ring. In the ring is a bushing that snaps over a piece on the shifter. If the busing breaks, it needs to be replaced. Google it, there is a lot of information on it and after market parts to fix it.

If, you are unlucky like I was, and your cable is broken, you'll need to replace it

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First u must find out whats not lining up right. Maybe the water pump? any oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil? Head gasket

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Testing the electrical inputs to the control module from the switch . Testing power an ground circuits to the switch . As a professional technician this is how i go about find what is wrong ! Not just replacing parts , that gets expensive. Do you know what a wiring diagram is ,an how to use one to pin point areas to do testing ? Here is a site for free wiring diagrams . Enter your vehicle info. Year , make , model and engine size . Then under system click on Engine , then under subsystem click on speed controls . Click the search button , then on the blue link . You will see all the componets an wiring for the system . Do you know how to use a volt meter ?
Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know
Mastering Voltage Drop Testing with Pete Meier and Jerry Truglia
96 98 Chevy pickup cruise control not working part 1 test module inputs

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It doesn't have one . Check out wiring diagram here

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code p 0442 is the code for faults concerning the EVAP system
and will not show up in transmission changing gears
indications from your statement is problems in the TR sensor, VSS or TCM units
check for problem wires and connections
as for the problem of getting to park from reverse , check the adjustment of the park and neutral switch as one may have moved or be loose

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