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Time to have the vehicle towed to your local certified mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

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If it's quiet enough, turn the key to the "on" position without cranking it, then stop and listen for a humming or buzzing sound. If you don't hear it, your fuel pump may be having issues.

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more likely time for a new cv shaft

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wheel bearing will rumble

treads on all 4 tyres matching?
correct pressure
fauty wheel sensor that side
seized/leaking caliper piston or pads worn
a flat spot on damaged side tyre
lost a weight dammaded rim /mag
strut or bush damage

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Check for spark , do you know what that is ? Pull a plug wire off at a spark plug an hold need engine ground (Metal on the engine) have someone crank over the engine .Is there spark ? If there wasn't any spark it would seam like same thing How to troubleshoot no spark condition with test light Subaru

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Possible fuel pump. Need to check for spark and fuel pressure.

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Lock cylinders are attached on the inside of the door with a clip. Remove the door card then the retainer for the lock rod. The body clip just slides out the side. Then you can push a fresh clip on

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Could be all sorts of things. If the timing belts have slipped, the engine will usually not start or run really rough. Could be the crank angle sensor (under the alternator, just above the main pulley).

If the belt has slipped, you can check by pulling the cam belt covers off. Usually its the LHS side belt that's jumped. The hydraulic tensioner sometimes works loose and detensions the belt. Rotate the engine till to top dead center on the pulley, and see if the cam pulleys are at the timing marks. If the belt has slipped, you WILL have bent valves.

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1st get a new air filter I recommend a quality brand like the oem one or purolator.
2nd remove and clean the maf sensor. Start with the screw clamp on the intake hose. Then unplug the sensor just squeeze the tab and wiggle it off. Now remove the 4 - 10mm boltsthat hold the maf sensor on the air box. Use caution as some models have a housing with brackets that are loose when the above 4 bolts are removed.
Next clean the air flow sensor using crc maf cleaner or other maf sensor safe cleaner. This is necessary as the sensor gets dirty as the miles accumulate. Make sure the sensor wires are very clean and let it fry for 30 mins before re-installing the sensor.

I would inspect the blower motor for debris as a 93 impreza doesn't have a cabin filter.
You can access the hvac fan from under the glove box see the attached video for how to. I know its not the correct subaru but the procedure is the same. misfire-backfire-not-accelerating-tq5sh21jzhkdedjt044n20r3-4-0.jpg

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Clean your IACV and throttle body butterfly valve, get throttle body cleaner at any auto parts shop.

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Test plug leads with a Ohm meter, when the resistance is higher then 8k Ohm, replace them, check also the coil for traces of arcing out. Check spark plugs cq replace them.

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sounds like fuel delivery problem, have pep boys tell you what codes are if you dont have diag tool. if its fuel pump, easy fix, under car, not in tank

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connect power to one side and ground to the other side

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I assume you mean the belts are squealing when you replaced the belts. You should not run your car without the belts - damage may result.
Squealing belts usually mean they are not on tight enough (loose). Refer to your car's belt replacement instructions to determine how to increase their tension. Belts can be damaged and accessories (such as power steering, water pump, etc) not function correctly if the belts are not tensioned properly.

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Are you sure when you bump started the vehicle didn't cause any
unexpected contact and cause a shortage as a result to blow the steering fuse link? Check the fuse link for the steering.

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Get the alternator output checked, it sounds as if there is an issue of power, also be worth having the battery condition checked, regards Mike

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Brake light switch adjustment prob needed. usually on top of brake pedal arm area

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