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Check transmission fluid level, then look at transmission linkage. Some are in a place where they can be bumped around and knocked out of place. Tweek the shifter a little on both sides of the resting position when you shift. If the noise goes away. It is probably linkage related. If you can sample the tranny fluid, check for burnt smell and or metal flakes. Aamco will check it free but dont let them sell you repairs as preventative measures. They will try.

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When you say "change the fluid" you are talking about the transmission oil? When you did this what colour was it? If it was dark brown or black and had a burnt smell that is the surest sign that your transmission is cooked. If this is the case you actually finished the job by changing the fluid as the particles of clutch plate and metal particles from the gears were what was giving the transmission the friction to allow it to shift. By removing the particles and adding fresh lubricant, the transmission now slips. Which is why it won't stay in gear or change gears. You are going to need to have the transmission rebuilt, or depending on the damage to the gears possibly replaced. Given the age of the vehicle and the cost of the repair you will have to decide if you want to spend the money to fix it.

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if it starts using ether, it suggests a clogged fuel filter. You need to know what the true psi value is across the fuel rail. you can rent kit from major auto parts stores. be it remembered that many cars nowfays have 2 fuel filters- one in tank and one on frame or firewall. a quick check is back pump air through your fuel line till you hear bubbling. recheck fuel pressure and note diffetence. if it goes up you probably icked up larger debris on the screen.

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Remove the motor and then lift the window/regulator by hand. Prop it up with a piece of wood. That is how we do it.

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I need to know all the fault codes you have received on testing. I really doubt that any sensor is taking out the computer, worked this type of repair for 20+years and have never seen that happen, not once.

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Start by checking the fuses under the dash and under the hood. Could be a relay or a broken ground.

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The problem is likely your neutral switch on the side of the tranny. Wires may have melted and shorted to ground or switch itself may have terminal shorted to ground.

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Most likely you have a bad connection somewhere. Trace the battery cables and clean/tighten all terminals or try jumping to a different lug. You might also try removing the starter and jumping directly to the starter to verify that it is good.

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Hi. Anon.
It sounds like your IACV, ( Idle Air Control Valve), is bad. I would go to the parts store, if you can drive the vehicle and have them hook a scanner up to your vehicle, ( its free) and pull the codes for you. This will give you a better idea of what is happening with your engine. Hope this helps. Let me know.

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Replace the spark plug wires, the distributor cap and rotor. This is a classic symptom of engine cross firing.

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Make sure battery has a full charge and battery connections all good. I don't think your security system is the problem? At the starter motor two voltage circuits, one is fuse protected and is hot all the time. The other circuit goes hot with key in the start position and relay is energized. Any testing at relay or starter motor, make sure tranny is in park or neutral and parking brake is set.
jeep starter 1-a4vvaacye2kqxo12bveg1ioe-1-2.jpg

jeep starter 2-a4vvaacye2kqxo12bveg1ioe-1-5.jpg

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power loss 12vdc to cluster.
basic, simple loss can happen. easy
get it fixed?
any shop in town can. that is what 99% do today

if not read the book the sm is free,
takes a $20 DMM meter to find it,
replace the 2 cluster fuses yet, that brake thing is very very odd.
sound to me like engine stall, and total vacuum loss as side effect.
brake hard is not the correct word
brakes hard and work perfectly as manual brakes do
and only the vacuum assists fails
in fact the brakes are totally ok ,just takes more pedal pressure.
its not unsafe unless 85 lb granny drives it.. see?
fuses, are first (always and for SURE 1995)

the book, and click ZJ
then click wiring
Chapter 8w page 40+
this cluster has a VOLT METER
see that?, if it goes to zero (tells you catastrophic power loss)
and head lamps work (DO THEY)???
then the key switch failed.? can be.... but...
or fuse block fuse 21 or 22 below. (or are loose or defective,rusty)
cab box both 15amp ATC fuses.
or fuse 12, under hood. 40amp.


simple no? battery dead, not if Head lamps work)
fuses (all 3) the key switch wiggle it yet?>>>>>?????????
and wires. bad. id bet it not ground G106 bad.


1995 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 12, 2017 | 141 views

you lost them.?
in the HVAC casings.
ATC version or manual, ?
here , you can count as good as me.
amazing no, JEEP docs online are.... the best..


1995 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 09, 2017 | 28 views

ok why not say drivers demand
here its 86f and hot.
but do you want heat or cold
sounds like ATC auto matic climate control options
where it has a dial for spec. temperature:?
if the display was dead. id check power to it\
12vdc. fuse that look good can in fact be BAD
checked fuses means what.
we use a meter to check them
so if power is present on the display controller
then its bad. if no 12vdc there, the fuse or wires to it bad. for electronics to work ,need power and ground,at least active. see the ATC SELF TEST?
th e book is free see ZJ jeeps. all is there
chapter HVAC.
Chapter 24 , wiring is 8w.

posted 300+ times

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I can't decode that. the ZJ jeep 95
check levels yet?, the correct way ,not using engine oil check way>?!
the A/t is a very complex system. with electronic controls(not all)
its seems simple to a driver but is not, in truth. not at all.
and we'd need full set of symptoms, good and bad, or ugly
to guess. (wildly) both parked tests, and driving tests...

what do reverse or high not do. does wrong, name it?
does transmission, work hot cold or fail both modes.
1: does the transmission pass the stall tests. parked. hot and cold
as stated in the SM, service man.
does the stall test slip?>
if yes, this is all we need. just the parked car stall tests
if it passes that tests in Drive and REV>
then it must be a driving test , it fails only when driven at speed
so does it fail to shift all gears.
does it FLARE between gears (slips or has what is called false neutrals)
does it skip gears, 1,3,4,? like that
does it fail only up shifting or down or both.
all those complex symptoms are in the SM
the 42/44RE box.
chapter21 , RTM.
read this page .19 , chapter 21
seen here, posted 300 + times now, and 100% free and real.
the real book by jeep, no clones no bs
click ZJ


page 15 is stall test, that any one can do... is done of the level checks.

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Usually in the lid ! Refer to you tube !

1995 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 07, 2016 | 134 views

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