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It sounds like an issue with the timing chain tensioner!
Is the vehicle still under warranty? If so, take it to the dealer and have it checked out. If not, here's what I would recommend to try.
First, hopefully you have been maintaining the vehicle well, changing the oil as recommended and using Synthetic oil?
What I would try first is adding a can of engine flush to the engine, pick up a can at any parts store. Go ahead and pick up everything you will need to do an oil change too.

Ask for 10w30 Synthetic oil, (I know it calls for a lesser weight but trust me, any weight oils with multi-numbers is a seasonal oil, which means it can be used any time of the year). The heavier weight oil will give you or your engine more oil pressure which in turn will help by giving it more protection!

Plus, pick up a QT. bottle of Lucas Engine Oil Stabilizer while your at the parts store picking up the other stuff.
Hopefully you know how to change your own oil?
If not, you can go to a good shop and request for this to be done and they will do it for you.

If you do it yourself, you first want to use the engine flush and let the engine run with it in there for about 25-30 minutes, do not drive it just let it idle. You can rev the engine a little to help it work but do not rev it really hard.

After it has run for the allotted time, drain oil and replace oil filter, make sure to look at your old oil filter to make sure that the old gasket is on it and not stuck to the engine. If it is stuck to the engine you will need to remove it before putting on new oil filter or you will have a severe problem!
Most of the time the old gasket will come off with the old filter, I just always tell my mechanics to check and make sure! Add a little oil to the new oil filter gasket and screw new oil filter on hand tight and then tighten it with a oil filter wrench another 3/4 turn.

Then start by adding the Lucas Oil Stabilizer, it is thick like syrup so be careful not to spill it. Then add the oil but also be careful not to overfill the engine! I will usually add 4 qts. in total, so 1 qt. of Lucas and 3 qts. of oil, then crank the engine let it run about 30 seconds or so, shut it off and let it sit for about a minute and check it and add more oil as needed to top it off from there.

See if that stops the noise! That will be the cheapest way to try first!
If that does not work, I think the issue is going to be with the timing chain tensioner and it would have to be replaced, but I've had some luck in doing what I've said above as most of the tensioners use oil pressure from the engine to tighten the chain and the hole to prime the tensioner is really small so it doesn't take much to stop it up.
Hopefully the flush and then the thicker weight oil and Lucas will do the job, if it does, I would recommend to continue using it at each oil change! And, if you use these quick lube places, you will have to either bring your own Oil and Lucas Oil Stabilizer as they may not do as you ask!

Hope this helps

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 07, 2018 | 252 views

it might be the moter oil lo or none it can be the tranz oil if it an auto or it might be diesel bug that grows in the tank and some times gets suckd up the full line and will block it up

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 02, 2018 | 29 views

tell them to do the computer then go look at it and see if it runs,if it doesnt then replace them

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Apr 19, 2017 | 58 views

where are you,
what are you doing/ ????????????????
I this an instrument cluster question?
tell the full story,
is this a job
a failure of some kind
we cant see you or guess what you are doing at all.
just sold my 04 have full docs on it
ask a real question and can advise you.
details matter. post them.please.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 03, 2017 | 24 views

Ball joint, rubber boot or track controlled arm. Wouldn't know until it's been inspected.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 26, 2016 | 131 views

may depends on the engine size sitting there.
J20? or H24
2.0 twin cam I4 or V6 2.5L
the j20 cam sensor is on the left rear of cam .
the j25 is same.
here ill toss coin for you, ive answered this on this form 100s of times. now... with photos.
cam sensor are almost always next to front or rear ends of cams.
some v6s have 2. not this V6
ill guess, V6
so here it is.
called CAS cam angle sensor or CMP
the parts list views and actual photos too.



2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Oct 21, 2019 | 242 views

Sounds like your position sensor is bad.
Year make model and engion would give someone a better idea on what is wrong with your vehicle.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Nov 07, 2015 | 128 views

p0441 and no others.? Routan? "Chinese word?"
or a car by that name posted in a SUzuki forum????
2004 or 2012? why post 2 years? how odd that.....
does that mean you have a scan tool?
ill pretend car not stated, nor what country.
and answer with USA federal p0441 codes... we invented it so....

this codes is EVAP failure.
that means in bar stool language, the tank vapor venting system.
is no longer contained, (breached ) or means its failing, for other reasons.
what to do is this, tighten the gas cap, clear the code and see if it comes back , if it repeats try a new cap.
if repeats again (note cheap to expensive fixes)
get the EVAP system pressure tested. (yes, all shops do this)
if this passes we then test the EVAP solenoids, next.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jun 14, 2015 | 369 views

all brakes can squeal, (disc)
especially if lightly braking, it's just pad oscillation,
ever seen a tuning fork, sing. same deal.
some do so no matter what you do.... (been there many a time)
the cure is here, if possible.
1: missing parts, ive seen many shops replace pads and leave out the pad shims... do you need a diagram of what is there.?
i have it if you need it. ask.
2: if above parts not missing put on what i call pad glue.
all stores for cars sell this magic fix. a tube of pad glue,
in fact will be marked anti-squeal magic stuff.
3: some pads like to squeal others dont (brands)

btw i own same car and it does not squeal.
suzuki went chapter 11. and their online pages, (dregs) has has no drawings of the calipers. nor lists those parts above.
i have the FSM book on this car, 2004
and page 4B1 shows these parts. (amaZing huh>)
there are 4 shims
2 one each side.of a pad.
do you need part numbers, i have the official parts catalog too.
see here.

the part names are "anti-noise springs"
i found out that suzuki sells the pad set with new shims.
so if you bought them aftermarket and they are missing
you must reuse the old shims. suzuki dont sell the shims by self.
amazing huh?

they also have drag reducing clips..... upgrade.

Service Grade; Ceramic; Drag Reduction Clip Recommended H6046; OE Pad Material is Ceramic; Front; SGD680C


as seen here, decide what you want then buy exactly that.
all my autostores in town can get them in 1 day or less.

or buy loaded calipers.
or use the glue and pray.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jun 14, 2015 | 115 views

Security system

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on May 03, 2015 | 352 views

the trans only blocks cranking so we can ignore the overdrive lamp.
when car will not start, (state , what engine you have first)? 2.0L I4 or V6?
the first thing to check is .
is the gas tank above 1/4?
is there spark. on all 4 to 6 spark plugs.
are all fuses good.
does the CEL lamp glow key on, if not the ECU/PCM is dead and there will be no spark or fueling ever. but fuses can blow and disable ECU.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 23, 2015 | 586 views

so you had it disabled , like mine
now its back to factory default
well , open glove box, see that oper, guide, it shows how to shut it off with a key.
RTM, first. then ask?

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015 | 164 views

remove mother inlaw from driveway? LOL
ok check levels yet on P./S pump . res.
is the fan belt to p/s pump loose.

or other failures, sure. lots , get it serviced? consider that yet?
needs full front suspension, steering and wheel bearings checked.
tie rods, ball joint,s U-joints etc. it needs a jack up and hands on
feeling of parts, and binding
no net bunny here will ever guess, whats wrong, it takes hands ON
work to find this. why not ask a physical person this?

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015 | 58 views

please post a symptom.!
there are many things that can heat soak fail.
even the radio.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 13, 2015 | 33 views

got water or cleaners where the the dont belong>?
never spray electronics or electric part, just use wipe down only.
or you will kill it.

my guess is you cant scan car. using a scan tool
nor have a voltmeter to find cause.
so get it serviced,

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Mar 11, 2015 | 69 views

loose fuse. or defective fuse for dash.
some fuses have hair line cracks in side, replace it.
some keyswitches have 2 ignition outputs.
one for EFI (runs engine)
and one more for all else.
that too can fail, we use a thing called a VOLTMETER
to find which wire is dropping out (0v) and move upstream until it dont. the bad part is between the good side 12v and the 0v side.
if no tools, all you can do is gue$$

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Feb 01, 2015 | 65 views

You can go to www.autozone.com
an register , don't worry it doesn't cost anything . You can find what
you need there plus more, wiring diagrams ,component location ,repair
info.hope this helps !

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 26, 2015 | 77 views

probably the motor that turns the cd on the inside if its a expensive cd player you might want to get it repaired.

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 23, 2015 | 48 views

code scanners plug in to your diagnostic port. usually under the dash near the steering column..

2004 Suzuki... | Answered on Jan 22, 2015 | 149 views

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