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it should be in the engine compartment in the relay/breaker box

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 31, 2017

You need the Body control module (BCM) scanned for faults, these are BCM related problems, yes they are all computer controlled. Also did you get the new BCM programmed for your vehicle?

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 29, 2017

if you went to jeep
they'd tell you not to do that(use what you bought)
Jeep has the right parts....

why to go geeks , its car not a PC.

your car has the IMMO called SKIM. (complex , RTM yet, no)
it will not be hacked by ANY geek or box.
JEEP uses, rolling encrypted codes to start the engine.
SKIM allows it.
your trying to bypass that with out jeeps help is nuts.
over the top, waste of time or even worse DANGEROUS.

why put this junk on your car.?
the car works great with out it.!
then late, you need car fixed and your mechcanic
needs to jump hoops to discover what some other idiott did.
hacking up a good working car.
or far far from town and it fails, and nobody can help
you did that to your self.!!!

here, go to jeep
buy the MOPAR system if H3ll bent to have this junk

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 28, 2017

why do you need a stealership?
ever heard of and ASE certified shop....
its not the ECU
it s not sensor
is non of that, at all, its the STARTER SYSTEM.
its a NO CRANK
here are the tests.
17 of them.
why did it start jumped
corroded battery lugs
battery dead.? for many reasons not just battery
or what? its only a dead battery.

its this.
battery , cables, starter, wires, TRS switch and keyswitch.
only THAT. and 1 starter relay.
the ECU does not crank your engine, you do .

the iddiott lamps told you the Cluster computer was nuts
as all do lacking full power, 10v or less all go NUTS
as do all computers made with power is not at spec.
that was your clue to , voltage is not right.
charge the battery would be next.(or barrow one)
then when it started as it surely would
you see if the charge lamp is out. in cluster.?
if 'out the alternator may be ok.
what can happen is 3 things:
bad battery (or just discharged)
bad alternator system (car will stall in 1 hour or less if this fails driving) 40amp/hr, rules.

or phantom drains. (battery drains as you sleep or work an 8 hr shift)


good luck and do ask questions
top quest is , why does a starter fail to work?

(answer it not the ECU/PCM or EFI systems)

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 21, 2017

but slips , is big deal.
check fuses
check levels
full flush it.
scan it yet, no, but if the TCM is in limphome mode
it will not shift right, so why do you skip scanning it.
what it the TCM tells you a speed sensors is borked.
why work blind.?scan it.first.
does it slip in 1st gear?

at 70mph that is called transmission flare, never a good sign that.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 21, 2017

NO year? post year, and win.
what country.> stated, why?
cranks ok?
diesel test fuel work>?(spray test)
filters fresh.
fuses ok
scan it yet?
glow plug tests fail>(ask or read the SM?)

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 18, 2017

you think small words (short) finds and fixes complex machines
that be impossible but in your case, the first post ever
where the NV247 J transfer case actually state
New Venture make

first off no statement of where YOUR TIRES are sitting on.
dirt, show, ice, pavement , on road, off road. what????
we cant guess that. only that it makes noise. and all do driving wrong,
4 All time-N-4 low.
are you using 4-low, then stop doing that ON ROAD.

the box runs a very special fluid for the
"Gerator pump, which uses special transfer case lube
do not play with this fluid or use GL4 or GL5 or mix in other wrong fluids, or omg adding additives of any kind like dang LOOCUSS bs.

your video is dead.

tell when it make noise
in ALL Time mode? only
all speeds
all gears in main trans
accelerating only
turns? only
like that, or why not get a real 4wd shop to find it.
as we are blind here and cant hear, or drive it .

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 15, 2017

3 problems and no engine stated.
oldest story ever on gas engines.
1: for the transmission question, check levels and scan it yet?
2; in the rain. questions, ever get tuneup this decade
no engine stated.
if the crank sensor, has 1 bolt do not play with it ask how to do it and not wreck the new one. ok? as seen on 4.0L engines.
fuel gauge can be bad fuel gauge sender.
stalls 101: (1 top cause of 50)
if you scan it ,at the stalls it will tell you why it stalled. most times.
ever try new spark plugs.>?(and filters)

4.0L or 4.7L engine? gas. which one.
4.0 has a spark coil RAIL, making owners fear spark plug changes.
(bad to the bone that) and the coil pack can be just dirty
and when it rains it conducts HV electrons and shorts. until dryer.
same here but different.
the 4.7L has 8 coil packs, COPS, any can fail, boots fail
and sure bad spark plugs, no spark plug made last the life of an engine, so is called a TUNEUP part.

if 4Liter engine the inline 6

this red spacer must be used on all news CKP sensors
or the next startup wrecks the new sensor
seen on this forum 1000s times, and now car as dead spark
sad to watch.
the paper and glue spacer is 0.030" think, 30 thou !
(took lost of work to learn how think, got it from maker)
most schlock stores sell it lacking this key #6 part.... adding to the pain.


2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 09, 2017

You could find a service information system like alldata an pay less then $20 bucks for a year . Check out wiring diagrams an test all the power an ground circuits for the affected componets . Voltage drop test all the circuits , Read how these system function . There are plenty good electrical training videos on youtube . You need to learn the basic's Basic Electricity for Service Techs Ohm law Current Flow Opens Shorts

Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know

read how chrysler SKIM Chrysler anti theft system Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice Ricks Free Auto... work ! How to fix automobiles , train , train an more training . The Trainer 32 How To Read An Automotive Block Wiring Diagram ...

Testing is the key , electrical trouble shooting ! Not guessing .

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 04, 2017


posted over 300 times, the real manual not faked, cloned
or some Chilton hack job
point 2, we cant guess what you will find ever
rust happens, and other facts of life. under any car.
what we do , is DO IT and the what comes up handle it.
There is no other ways, no magic.
point 3, we cant see your shop and all those missing tools.


2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 01, 2017

Which code specifically? Do not assume you need a new solenoid. Our recommendation will depend on the specific code and some troubleshooting results. I usually recommend checking over all the EVAP vacuum lines and the gas cap too whenever there is a purge valve code. Check the vacuum lines at the cannister in the left rear bumper. I will paste info on the purge solenoid below.

P0440 Evaporative emission (EVAP) system - malfunction

Possible causes: Hose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP canister purge valve

P0441 Evaporative emission (EVAP) system - incorrect flow detected

Possible causes: Hose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP canister purge valve

P0442 Evaporative emission (EVAP) system - small leak detected

Possible causes: Hose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP canister, EVAP canister purge valve

P0443 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve - circuit malfunction

Possible causes: Wiring, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM

P0444 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve -open circuit

Possible causes: Wiring open circuit, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM

P0445 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve -short circuit

Possible causes: Wiring short circuit, EVAP canister purge valve, ECM

P0450 Evaporative emission (EVAP) pressure sensor - circuit malfunction

Possible causes: Wiring, EVAP pressure sensor, ECM

P0455 Evaporative emission (EVAP) system - large leak detected

Possible causes: Hose connection(s), intake leak, EVAP canister, EVAP canister purge valve

P0456 Evaporative emission system - very small leak detected

Possible causes: Mechanical fault, hose connection(s), EVAP pressure "sensor

P0457 Evaporative emission system - leak detected (fuel cap loose/off)

Possible causes: Mechanical fault, hose connection(s), EVAP pressure sensor

P0458 Evaporative emission system, purge control valve -circuit low

Possible causes: Wiring short to earth, EVAP valve

P0459 Evaporative emission system, purge control valve -circuit high
Possible causes: Wiring short to positive, EVAP valve

Evaporative Emission Purge Solenoid

Description & Operation
The duty cycle EVAP canister purge solenoid (DCP) regulates the rate of vapor flow from the EVAP canister to the intake manifold. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) operates the solenoid.
During the cold start warm-up period and the hot start time delay, the PCM does not energize the solenoid. When de-energized, no vapors are purged. The PCM de-energizes the solenoid during open loop operation.
The engine enters closed loop operation after it reaches a specified temperature and the time delay ends. During closed loop operation, the PCM cycles (energizes and de-energizes) the solenoid 5 or 10 times per second, depending upon operating conditions. The PCM varies the vapor flow rate by changing solenoid pulse width. Pulse width is the amount of time that the solenoid is energized. The PCM adjusts solenoid pulse width based on engine operating condition.
Removal & Installation
The duty cycle evaporative (EVAP) canister purge solenoid is located in the engine compartment near the brake master cylinder.

  1. Disconnect electrical connector at solenoid.
  2. Disconnect vacuum lines at solenoid.
  3. Lift solenoid slot from mounting bracket for Removal & Installation.

To Install:
  1. Position solenoid slot to mounting bracket.
  2. Connect vacuum lines to solenoid. Be sure vacuum lines are firmly connected and not leaking or damaged. If leaking, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) may be set with certain emission packages.
  3. Connect electrical connector to solenoid.
Purge solenoid location:

EVAP cannister location:

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 01, 2017

Check it out on you tube !

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 20, 2016

Check the black fuse box under the hood near the battery ! Check it out on you tube !

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 20, 2016

no prob.
the book is free, posted over 300 times for this WJ jeep here

see chapter 8w, page. chapter 8L lamps.

8w front lighting page 50 +

the real book, not a clone


2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 11, 2016

CEL Code P1762 is Governor Pressure Sensor Offset Improper Voltage. Make sure all your wires going to the sensor are ok, then if they are I would look into a new Sensor. Hope this gives you some direction. Thanks for Using FixYa!



2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 10, 2016

If the jeep wont start, you must provide here some additional information, for instance did it charnk? did you crank it? whenever you turn the key, what happens? any noise? nothing at all? is it all dead????

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 20, 2016

4wd ????????????

WJ jeep
Y2K jeep, must be doomed with Y2k , LOL
the car was sold usa with AX5 box
or NV3550 box.
sticks, which one do you have, in a pallet.
it will take many things to make work.
flywheel , bell housing, box, drive shafts, (more if 4wd)
and wiring changes, and the fire wall clutch pedals, and MC for slave .
and mount changes.
why not just buy a car with a stick and save a fortune.
ive done many cars to switch trans, and its no easy job.
why not just read the jeep.com pages and see all parts unique to the box.
even changes to PCM .
The car will fail smog took, because the PCM will BAARRF vast dtc errors and set you fail smog , in 1 second flat the CEL glowing.
its not trivial at all.
why do this, like punishment,/?

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 13, 2016

Loss of reverse is a blatant signal that the transmission has failed and needs to be rebuilt.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 12, 2016

double posted , back up one post and read.
its answered, to nth degree too.
try to add to one post and not create 2, please.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 10, 2016


Ignition Key Stuck On Your 2000 Grande Cherokee? Check This Before a Costly Repair

When the key wouldn't come out of the ignition on our 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, we thought we'd be making an expensive run to the auto repair shop. We'd had that problem before about ten years ago and had the lock changed (at least I THINK they changed it) so we weren't pleased about having to do it again.

As luck would have it, it was after business hours for most auto shops, and the one I called suggested I call a locksmith. Lucky for us.

As I jiggled the gear shift, wondering whether it had fully engaged in park, I happened to notice a piece of rubber protruding from the front of the shift knob, where the release mechanism is. I pulled on it until it came off, revealing the metal button underneath.

At which point the ignition lock became unstuck, and I was able to fully switch it off and remove the key.

As best I can determine, the rubber piece was just decor, a rubber cover, fitted over the metal release mechanism on the knob (see picture of the kind of gear shift knob I have...Mopar, OEM). Only it had shifted from its intended position and was preventing the lever from fully engaging in park, thereby preventing the removal of the key.

I shudder to think of what this would've cost us in the shop.


on Sep 29, 2016 | 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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