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I have a diagram for the multiplex circuit for this vehicle, but the file is too large,and when it is uploaded, it is too small to read it. We don't usually take this approach but, I can send you the diagram directly via email. I see your need for this info to get this window working, so I will make an exception due to the limited space on this site.


2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Jul 06, 2019

You can get guide from many sites.. i know few
like reliable-store
error codes/ fault codes, wiring diagrams, schematic diagrams, torque specs, engine info, switches functioning, assemble, disassembly, complete refurbish, repair, installation every single thing is covered
within seconds u can get the access and it's totally illustrative complete

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Feb 15, 2019

Someone tried or opened your cardoor with a rid or a slim Jim
More then likely it's the small plastic peice that broke or came off from pushing the car opening tool to hard..
Take the door panel off and see if you can just reatach
The Rods don't bend unless aggressive force was used.. but you should be able to use the same rod and just replace the plastic connector.
I've never seen it break on the accuator.. so you may have gotten lucky and just popped off.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Feb 13, 2019

Battery might be dead. Try disconnecting the terminals (ground first) and clean the terminals. If that doesn't help, try jumping.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Feb 03, 2019

the manual covers this, the IMMO is active. ?
car will not crank, is that it? it must crank to start. so cranking is 1st.
you turn the key and the IMMO LAMP must NOT be showing its blocking starts. is it
do you have full batteryvoltage. 12.6v at the battery terminals
I waited a few minutes and the dash board lights started coming
that means the battery is dead.
the dash waring lights must come on ,at key on, fast
if not we fix that first. that means power lost, 12vdc power loss.
use a voltmeter. at battery

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Oct 18, 2018

My experience is that the tire (being rubber) can stick to the underside of the vehicle. Try prying the tire with a piece of wood or broom handle to release it. Be careful as it may fall. Loosen the cable slightly to catch the spare and not fully drop. Good luck.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on May 01, 2018

Red the oper ,guide, yet, or the FSM.
or at Alldata.com ?
why not get it serviced? if not say why not? so we can respond
in the correct way.. (you just want a wild guess?) what?
Vehicle Stability Assist

ok, so there are 2 possibles. (macro viewed)
  1. Driving wrong, or skidding.
  2. or a malfunction of the system.
only you know the truth of above.!
did you even read the operators guide?
how the lamp acts? VSA.? off, on, blinks, etc?
is this a post where there are no dealers or ASE mech, availible?
or no FSM? fixing modern cars FSM free is a huge, fail mode...
if its a failure get the system scanned, ABS and PCM and BCM all?!

First of all you need to clear ABS errors
did you see the recall

and guess what, bad brakes, make ABS fail and so will VSA.
in that order. so... SCAN IT ! then wonder. (all cars 1988 to now)

here is how it works ( it uses ABS) quote:

Vehicle Stability Assist

The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) was introduced by Honda to its vehicles in 1997. The term is Honda's version of Electronic Stability Control (ESC),[22] an active safety feature developed to correct oversteer and understeer by using several sensors to detect loss of steering control and traction while simultaneously braking individual wheels to help the vehicle regain stability.

How VSA Works

VSA combines the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS) with side-slip control to help stabilize the vehicle whenever it turns more or less than desired. ABS is an existing system that prevents the vehicle's wheels from locking up under braking, especially in slippery road conditions. For the ABS to work, the system relies on the computed input from a steering angle sensor to monitor the driver's steering direction, the yaw sensor to detect the momentum of which the wheels are steering (yaw rate), and a lateral acceleration (g-force) sensor to signal the changes in speed. At the same time, the TCS will prevent wheel slip during acceleration while the side-slip control stabilizes cornering when the rear or front wheels slip sideways (during oversteer and understeer).
Controlling oversteer - During an oversteer, the rear end of the vehicle will spin out because the rotational speed of the rear wheels exceeds the front wheels. VSA will prevent the vehicle from spinning by braking the outer front wheel to produce an outward moment and stabilize the vehicle.
Controlling understeer - During an understeer, the front wheels loses traction during cornering due to excessive throttle and causes the speed difference between the left and front wheels to decrease. When the vehicle steers outwards from the intended trajectory, VSA intervenes by reducing engine power and if necessary, also braking the inner front wheel.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Apr 09, 2018

It sounds like a stuck gate/flap/door. This takes some time and effort as you may need to dig into the cars Heating/AC plumbing.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Jan 11, 2018

Suggest you ask this of your local honda dealer .

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Oct 25, 2017

You need to check the fluid level. Bleed the the air out. All you need to do is add fluid to your radiator and reservoir.drive it around for like a few miles and add more. If the inlet and outlet hoses are not hot then I'd check your water pump. If your inlet hose is hot but your out let is cold then it's your heater core. Clogged or not working.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Dec 08, 2016

Hi, Clyde I am a Harley expert and I do not normally answer automobile questions but in your case, I will make an exception because when I was a boy I lived in England my best friends name was Clyde Winsley and I happen to own a 2004 Honda Pilot anyways to get those papers out you have to remove the center counsel but before you start this procedure I highly recommend you run down to your local auto parts store and pick up a repair manual, I like the Chilton version for $20-30. For more information about your question and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the links below. Good luck and have a nice day.
Honda pilot 2012 stuck console
Honda Pilot Honda Pilot Forums

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at https://www.6ya.com/expert/gregg_c0ec1df182c7330e

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Jul 25, 2016

No it isn't.If I understood the question, the belt might be slipping.

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Apr 20, 2016

tires out of balance . brake rotors are warped,tie rod ends wore out . bad struts . all can cause it .

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Mar 15, 2016

Sounds like the alternator could be going bad with the car running. connect a voltmeter to the battery it should read at least 13.1 volts

2006 Honda Pilot | Answered on Mar 15, 2016

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