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You didn't post your engine size so please pick the one that works for you....I'll post them all separately:

2.3L Engine The oil pumps are not serviceable. If defective, they must be replaced.
  1. Follow the service procedures under Oil Pan Removal and remove the oil pan assembly.
  2. Remove the oil pick-up and tube assembly from the pump.
  3. Remove the oil pump retainer bolts and remove the oil pump.
To install:
  1. Prime the oil pump with clean engine oil by filling either the inlet or outlet port with clean engine oil. Rotate the pump shaft to distribute the oil within the pump body.
  2. Install the pump and tighten the mounting bolts to 14-21 ft. lbs. (19-29 Nm)

WARNING Do not force the oil pump if it does not seat readily. The oil pump driveshaft may be misaligned with the distributor or shaft assembly. If the pump is tightened down with the driveshaft misaligned, damage to the pump could occur. To align, rotate the intermediate driveshaft into a new position.

  1. Install the oil pick-up and tube assembly to the pump. If there is a gasket between the pump and the pick-up, use a new gasket when installing.
  2. Install the oil pan as previously described.


1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Nov 17, 2019 | 3,564 views

Try an oil and filter change using only the correct grade of synthetic oil. If still low, it is probably worn bearings.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Feb 23, 2018 | 143 views

Your distributer may be going bad.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Oct 13, 2017 | 63 views

Have you charged the ac. If so check the low limit sw. on the dryer it will cut the power to the compressor if the charge is low or if the sw. fails.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on May 09, 2017 | 93 views

There may be a tool, or you jam a metal tool between two metal parts.
check these out:

Removing Stubborn Clutch fan Ranger Forums The Ultimate Ford Ranger...

Fan clutch removal

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Apr 11, 2017 | 1,580 views

The "check engine" light is on to tell you that there is a trouble code stored in your truck's computer. Most parts stores will read the codes for you for free. Get that done, and you will know what part to replace.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Jul 15, 2016 | 53 views

What size engine v8 v6


1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Feb 29, 2016 | 258 views

More info would be helpful, but just going on what you said, I would guess your brake lights fuse is blown. The running lights and the brake lights are on different fuses, and when you turn the headlights on the rear running lights turn on as well, which you may be confusing with the brake lights. If you check and the fuse is not blown, I suspect you may have changed or had the brake lights changed recently and the bulbs were the incorrect ones. Hope this helps.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Nov 11, 2015 | 129 views

It is sometimes called a shift lock switch or park switch.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Mar 03, 2015 | 26 views

sometimes bulbs will blow at the same time but not very often.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Jan 13, 2015 | 148 views

ive had this question before. It is under your center console where the cup holders are. up tworge the front, take the console off and you will see it a little square box silver in color with a wire harness plugged into it. hope i helped.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Jan 06, 2015 | 145 views

mark the balancer with a white paint marker on the TDC groove, there is a small plug over on the d/side inner fender has a small "dummy" plug plugged into it remove that from the wiring harness plug, loosen the distributor hold down bolt, connect the timing light by hooking the battery leads up to the battery and the other clamp over the #1 spark plug wire, crank truck up and squeeze the trigger on the timing light while trying to locate your paint mark on the dampener, then rotate the distributor in either direction to line up that mark with the pointer thats on the timing chain cover per mnf specs if I remember its 10 degrees when you get it there plug that "dummy " plug back in truck should idle up, if so tighten down the hold down bolt disconnect timing light and close the hood youre good to go at that point!

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Dec 10, 2014 | 69 views

Seems that you have a power drain. If you installed any electronics check to see if the wire has an open section that is bleeding the system.
Check to make sure that when the glove box closes the light in side goes off. A sprung glove door will keep the light on and will drain a battery in about 3 days.
If you put a trailer hitch on the truck make sure that the grounding is done correctly. Lighting harness to trailer, trailer to truck. A poor ground will cause the electrical leak and drain the battery if the trailer in attached for a few day, less than 3.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Dec 10, 2014 | 93 views

You should have a diagram on the fuse cover and also in the owner's manual.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014 | 518 views

do you have injector pulse durng initial cranking? you may have a bad cam shaft position sensor that "comes to life" when rpms are up. or an injector has a bad spray nozzle allowing fuel to flow into its cylinder,pulling the spark plugs and checking for any that may be "wet" or smell ''rich'' will help pin-point your problem.

1993 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Nov 11, 2014 | 187 views

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