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dead fob chirp
dead alarm sound
dead horn button or all 3? must we guess?

double posted and still no clear symptoms
last post said only broken word, then now not working.
is horn dead? I push the horn button and my horn is silent.?
If you scan the PCM with any scan tool there are 5 horn errors.
called DTCs'
we use this amazing device called a voltmeter to find bad horns.
but most folks today never hear of one... so.... ask guess'ers to guess.
that it it?
Dead horn 101: (generic)
check fuses first,scan pcm for errors, 2nd, after all it may know why?horn is bad.wiring to horn bad.bad horn relay (there is none ) "has electronic drivers "BCM bad./PCM (or MTIP)horn switch bad.horn connections in steering coil spring bad.
the car has 2 horns.
so both most likely not bad.
the horn operates via 2 computer brains
1: pcm
THE TIPM ACUTALLY honks the horn,
the pcm sees you push the button(digital inputs)
and the PCM then sends a can-buss communication to the
TIPM brain under hood. (aka, MTIP)
the TIPM then honks the 2 horns.
Module totally integrated power , drives the horns.

why not scan it first
or get car serviced.?????
if not, its hopeless. (sure check horn grounds for rust)
lacking tools
or lacking how not to get injured playing with AIR BAD parts.
RTM first, jeep FSM book , factory service manual and see page on horn and use the advice on page to not get hurt.

26144678-4dw03abheqagcnugpkxx10ue-1-0.jpga driver is magic electronic device that replaces relays
some call them electronic relays,
but can be just power transistors on the motherboard
of the MTIP, (non user replaceable inside)
cars are catching up to industry finally.

2007 Jeep... | Answered 40 minutes ago

What do you have when you look at your display settings? Right click on the desktop anywhere, then choose display settings. IF you don't see the second display from there.


I would check a different cable connecting the two and possibly another external device. That way your sure your hardware parts are good or not.

No Display issues:
no display-n1eoobfohjgsmqozit53yjnv-4-0.png

Sceptre... | Answered 47 minutes ago

It is not a expensive watch, but it is on high quality, I have a megalith brand watch with stainless steel band from my brother, it looks new till now.

The Watches | Answered 50 minutes ago

ddll111_17.gifHeres the diagramsddll111_18.gifddll111_19.gifddll111_20.gif

1998 Ford... | Answered 53 minutes ago

I do believe there is a pinhole next to the power button or charging port which resets it to factory. Use a paperclip to push the button inside the hole for a few seconds. If it does not have a pinhole, follow this;

You may need to preform a computer reset. In order to do this you must download Leapfrog connect to your computer. Then, put your device in "connection needed mode" by holding down the right D-pad button and the home button while simultaneously turning on the device. Than, plug the LeapPad into the computer and it should begin to sync. Once the LeapPad syncs to the computer, it should boot up normally.

LeapFrog Leappad... | Answered 56 minutes ago

The adjustable knob is at the front of the vacuum with 5 settings from bare floor to high carpet.

Bissell Vacuums | Answered 1 hour ago

there are few web sites you can try but I do think you can,
much of marking around
better replace it

Kia Cars &... | Answered 1 hour ago

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Ford Cars &... | Answered 1 hour ago

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