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11 year old PC, i bet the RTC coin cell is dead, that old.
Running XP
the dead and virus magnet OS? that?
or VISTA, many came with dead vista. vista support has ended to.
HP ended support this PC, now. searches find it missing
and listed in retired. now. leaving driver support hard,.
why post leaving out the OS version? XP/VISTA.W7/8/10?
makes answers near IMPOSSIBLE !

a VGA cable Monitor, not DVI, not HDMI.?
its a very old PC, and PC need service, just like cars
ever clean it? out,
make sure the 3 fans work, PSU, CPU/GPU ?
does it have addin PCI video card? (see 2 vga jacks on rear)
what device(devise, sic)?

if you get c: HDD errors that is a bad hdd or corrupted OS
no OS stated by you, btw.
are all USB device slots empty but keyboard and mouse?
I cant see your PC and all things connected, at all..
old 120gb HDD. very very old., slow Ethernet port.
Integrated graphics! means Onboard GPU.\
ATI ? RC415? wow , obscure that is.

specs, mobo.
  • Manufacturer: ECS
  • Motherboard Name: RC415ST-HM
  • HP/Compaq motherboard name: Alhena5-GL6
  • Manufacturer's motherboard name: ECS RC415ST-HM
i guess, rc415 means.
ATI express Radeon 1100. located just below the CPU socket.
"ATI Radeon Xpress 200/1100 RC410/RC415 Chipset" is one clue.

has alum.heat sink large there.
HP made vast verison of SR series PC, and many video chips.
and finding the answer is very hard due to HP shut down
on SR series.

the advice on other sites asking same question is
Radeon Xpress1100' or 'Radeon Xpress 200'.
get it at AMD, aka. ATI/AMD . huge huge company
seen here.

the correct page for ATI is this for sure

pick intergrated mobo graphics
then pick heck , snap shot,, vista 32 or 64, you didnt say.
one may work,, HP driver is best , this is 2nD FIDDLE.

ati-jfjk2xpu0legt1xucfo00zma-4-0.jpg I uses a PCI sniffer program to find what chip hides under that GPU heat sink, ask , can tell you how and costs zero.
knowing what is THERE REALLY , matters BIG TIME.

HP Compaq... | Answered 32 minutes ago

You can't , light flashing there is a problem , code set , read code , do the diagnostics for that code , fix the problem an the light will go out .

Lincoln Cars &... | Answered 34 minutes ago

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