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Hello Clyde, you can connect your EQ2 to the JVC RX 8000v
I sent you the user manual of the JVC RX 8000v to guide you
you have to connect it as if it were a cassette
From the Rec Out of the Cover or MD, in the JVC to the equalizer line input and the equalizer line output to Play In in the JVC
this you can see on page 6
I hope you get it connected
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Clyde, puedes conectar tu EQ2 en el JVC RX 8000v
te envio el manual de usuario del JVC RX 8000v para que te guies
tienes que conectarlo como si fuera una cassettera
Del Rec Out de Tapa o MD, en el JVC a la entrada de linea del ecualizador y de la salida de linea del ecualizador a Play In en el JVC
esto lo puedes ver en la pagina 6
Espero que logres conectarlo
Saludos Franco Dosil

JVC Audio... | Answered 3 hours ago

Hello Bob, no, your Sony CDP-CX200 is not ready to play MP3 CD
The MP3 began to be used in 1995 and your Sony
CDP-CX200 is development of the year 1996, they had not yet incorporated the MP3 format
I enclose the user manual where it describes the CD formats that it reproduces
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Bob, no, tu Sony CDP-CX200 no esta preparado para reproducir CD MP3
El MP3 comenzo a utilzarse el a?o 1995 y tu Sony
CDP-CX200 es desarrollo del a?o 1996, todavia no habian incorporado el formato MP3
Te adjunto el manual de usuario donde describe los formatos de CD que reproduce
Saludos Franco Dosil

Sony Audio... | Answered 3 hours ago

Hello, there is no fuse for the screen, there is a power supply circuit that makes it work and that if it is wrong the screen does not work
The rest of the team works well? Can you hear something?
if not, you do not have a display problem, you have a bigger problem
If you have knowledge to review it, I will attach the service manual, but go to a specialized technical service

Hola, no hay fusible para la pantalla, hay un circuito de fuente de alimentaci?n que lo hace funcionar y que si esta mal la pantalla no funciona
El resto del equipo funciona bien?, puedes escuchar algo?
si no, no tienes un problema de display, tienes un problema mayor
si tienes conocimientos como para revisarlo, te adjunto el service manual, sino dir?gete a un servicio t?cnico especializado

Harman Kardon... | Answered 3 hours ago

Hello Raymond, to replace the fusibble you must disarm the Beolab, I have attached the link so you can download the Service Manual and follow the instructions
Keep in mind that if the fuse is blown, what caused that action?
he may replace it and burn again
If this happens, go to a specialized technical service
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Raymond, para reemplazar el fusibble debe desarmar el Beolab, le adjunto la link para que pueda descargar el Service Manual y siga las indicaciones
Tenga en cuenta que si se quemo el fusible, que produjo esa accion?
puede que lo reemplace y se vuelva a quemar
Si eso ocurre , concurra a un servicio tecnico especializado
Saludos Franco Dosil

Audio Players &... | Answered 4 hours ago

Hi John, if you want to play the Spotyfy music and listen to it on your sound equipment, you need a cable with a 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug at one end and at the other end two RCA connectors (red and white)
the miniplug, you connect it in the speaker output or headphones of your computer and the RCA connectors in the Auxiliary or Video input or another one that has your audio equipment (no, in the Phono input)
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola John, si tu quieres reproducir la m?sica de Spotyfy y escucharla en tu equipo de sonido, necesitas un cable con un miniplug est?reo de 3,5 mm en una punta y en la otra punta dos conectores RCA (rojo y blanco)
el miniplug, lo conectas en la salida de parlante o auriculares de tu computadora y los conectores RCA en la entrada Auxiliar o Video u otra que tenga tu equipo de audio (no, en la entrada de Phono)
Saludos Franco Dosil

The Audio... | Answered 4 hours ago

Hello Mark, ask, do you do this with FM stations, like with AM stations?
If so, you may have a power problem with the radio stage, if it is only FM, check the antenna connection or you may have a problem in the Multiplex decoder circuit
If you can not solve it, I suggest you go to a specialized technical service
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Mark, pregunta, te hace esto con las estaciones de FM, como con las de AM?
Si es asi puedes tener un problema de alimentaci?n dela etapa de radio, si solamente es en FM , verifica la conexi?n de la antena o podr?as tener un problema en el circuito decodificador Multiplex
Sino logras resolver, te sugiero ir a un servicio t?cnico especializado
Saludos Franco Dosil

Kenwood Audio... | Answered 4 hours ago

Hello Kamran, your Kenwood, does not bring Dolby function, your high performance tape preamp works above the noise level that suppresses the Dolby
In this way, they avoid the use of Dolby and its Licenses
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Kamran, tu Kenwood, no trae funcion de Dolby, su preamplificador de cinta de alto rendimiento trabaja arriba del nivel de ruido que suprime el Dolby
De esta manera, evitan el uso de Dolby y sus Licencias
Saludos Franco Dosil

Kenwood Audio... | Answered 4 hours ago

Hello Jim, for what you say, the arm of your tray returns before you finish reading the disc?
If so, it may be that the return system of the arm is stuck or missing cleaning or lubrication, if you have the knowledge, should review the operation of said system, suggestion, remove the lower cover of the tray and aopye the tray in four high legs, which allow you to see the operation of the mechanism and see if it is working free or stuck
If not, go to a specialized technical service
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Jim, por lo que expresa, el brazo de su bandeja retorna antes de que termine de leer el disco?
Si es asi, puede ser que se encuentre trabado o falto de limpieza o lubricacion el sistema de retorno del brazo, si tiene los conocimientos, deberia revisar el funcionamiento de dicho sistema, sugerencia, retire la tapa inferior de la bandeja y aopye la bandeja en cuatro patas altas, que le permitan ver el funcionamiento del mecanismo y ver si esta trabajando libre o atascado
si no, concurra a un servicio tecnico especializado
Saludos Franco Dosil

Audio Players &... | Answered 5 hours ago

You can have a try Leawo Tunes Cleaner. Just follow below steps. If you still have issues or have a massive music library in iTunes or other music folders that requires a more powerful and less time-consuming option, the third-party software like Leawo Tunes Cleaner can help you. It can not only automatically clean up duplicate songs in iTunes, but also automatically delete duplicate songs in other music folders. If you want to automatically remove duplicates in iTunes, the automatic duplicate remover might have the answer for you.
1. After kicking off Leawo Tunes Cleaner, click the "Clean-up Duplicate" entry. The program provides 2 duplicate scanning modes: Quick Scan mode and Deep Scan mode. Select one of them to scan duplicate songs.
2. You could delete duplicates in iTunes music library by directly clicking "Scan iTunes" button or click "Add" button to load music files for duplicates removing.
3. After loading source music files, click the "Scan" button on the upper-right corner to start scanning duplicates. The program would display all duplicates clearly and suggest what to remove. You could decide which duplicates to delete by checking them and then click the "Remove" button to remove duplicate songs.

view-the-downloading-videos-by-sorting-16-1srvjsc4otpwize3cqbthuvm-1-0_0.jpgFor more details, check: How to Delete Duplicate Songs

Transcend... | Answered 5 hours ago

Hello Tony, you can connect your Yamaha 70eq equalizer to your Denon AVR 787
You have to use two RCA-RCA cables, one goes from VCR or CD-R / Tape OUT, from your Denon (zone indicated with number 3, in your Denon user manual) to Line In from Yamaha and the other from line Out of the Yamaha to VCR OR CD-R / Tape IN of the Denon, (area indicated with number 11, in your Denon user manual) always uses the same set of inputs and outputs on the Denon, VCR OUT and VCR IN or CD-R / Tape OUT and CD-R / Tape IN, in order to listen through the equalizer, you must select the source you want to listen to and then select VCR or CD_R / Tape, according to the connection you have used
You can see on page 16 of your Denon user manual, the connection of a Deck, and for your Yamaha it would be the same
The equalizer can be used only with analog signals
I hope my comment has served you
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Tony, puedes conectar tu ecualizador Yamaha 70eq a tu Denon AVR 787
Tienes que usar dos cables RCA-RCA, uno va desde VCR o CD-R/Tape OUT, de tu Denon (zona indicada con el numero 3, en tu manual de usuario de Denon)a Line In del Yamaha y el otro desde line Out del Yamaha a VCR O CD-R/Tape IN del Denon, (zona indicada con el numero 11, en tu manual de usuario de Denon)siempre utiliza el mismo conjunto de entradas y salidas en el Denon, VCR OUT y VCR IN o CD-R/Tape OUT y CD-R/Tape IN, para poder escuchar a traves del ecualizador, debes selecionar la fuente que deseas escuchar y despues selecionas VCR o CD_R/Tape, de acuerdo a la conexion que hayas utilizado
Puedes observar en la pagina 16 de tu manual de usuario de Denon, la conexion de un Deck, y para tu Yamaha seria lo mismo
El ecualizador lo podras usar solo con las se?ales analogicas
Espero que te haya servido mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil


Yamaha Audio... | Answered 6 hours ago

Hello Linda, what brand is your DV3100, Marantz or Furrion?
In the same way it is possible that your player needs a cleaning of the Laser Pickup
Try playing a DVD, if you read it, the lens would supposedly be clean and you would have it under the infrared reader, in charge of reading the audio CDs or video CDs
I hope my comment has served you
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Linda, que marca es tu DV3100, Marantz o Furrion?
De igual manera es posible que a tu reproductor necesite una limpieza del Pickup Laser
Prueba reproducir un DVD, si lo lee, supuestamente la lente estaria limpia y tendrias bajo el lector infrarrojo, encargado de leer los CD de audio o CD de video
Espero te haya servido mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil

Able Audio... | Answered 6 hours ago

Hello Rob, ask, the model of your Denon, is DCM-230 or DCM320?, since I do not locate the 230 manual
From what you describe, I would try to replace the interconnected RCA-RCA cable and if it persists, you may have either a false contact on your Denon's RCA output connectors or a problem with a low-signal power supply
On the other hand you comment that it does not read some CD, it is possible that you have the laser reader low, for which it may require an adjustment or the replacement of the same, or need a more effective cleaning, than the one that makes the CD cleaner, I mean to clean the lens of the reader with a lightly moistened isop with alcohol, preferably Isopropyl Alcohol
I hope my comment has served you
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Rob, pregunta, el modelo de tu Denon, es DCM-230 o DCM320?, ya que no ubico el manual del 230
Por lo que describes, probaria reemplazar el cable RCA-RCA de interconexion y si persiste, posiblemente tengas o un falso contacto en los conectores RCA de salida de tu Denon o algun problema en fuente de alimentacion de baja se?al
Por otro lado comentas que no lee algunos CD, es posible que tengas el lector laser bajo, para lo cual pueda requerir de un ajuste o el reemplazo del mismo, o necesite una limpieza mas efectiva, que la que hace el CD limpiador, me refiero a limpiar la lente del lector con un isopo levemente humedecido con alcohol, preferentemente Alcohol Isopropilico
Espero te haya servido mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil

Sony Audio... | Answered 8 hours ago

Hello Ken, I was looking in the manuals of Tascam 302 and it does not refer to "ERR 1", it appears "ERR 2" and "ERR 3"
From what you describe, you may have a power supply problem in the low signal area, or have some of the mechanisms out of point, so you can see that the axes are turning
If you have technical features, try disconnecting the multipin cable that feeds the mechanics and check if the noise continues, if it does not appear, go reconnecting each mechanism separately and looking for which generates the problem, could be both, at that point I suggest, consult to a specialized technical service
I hope my comment has served you
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Ken, estuve buscando en los manuales de Tascam 302 y no hace referencia a "ERR 1", aparece "ERR 2" y "ERR 3"
Por lo que describes puede ser que tengas un problema de fuente de alimentaci?n de la zona de baja se?al, o tengas alguno de los mecanismos fuera de punto, por eso observas que est?n girando los ejes capstan
Si tienes conocimientos t?cnicos, prueba desconectando el cable multipin que alimenta las mec?nicas y verifica si continua el ruido, si no aparece , ve re conectando cada mecanismo por separado y buscando cual genera el problema, podr?an ser los dos, en ese punto te sugiero, consulta a un servicio t?cnico especializado
Espero te haya servido mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil

Tascam Audio... | Answered 8 hours ago

Just google it. We live in the 21st century, not to ask questions like this.

Audio Players &... | Answered 10 hours ago

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