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Setswana essay write an essay with setswana; Diplomatic results are often enhanced by the fact that learners who practice a child can be taught in their own language.

Use Google Translate to help you.


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Average mean you have to plus the given numbers and then divide them the total no that you are added. Firstly you have to add 11+13+17+23 = 64 then you have to divide it 64/4 = 16. Average of these numbers is 16.

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I am not entirely sure what you need to know about this. I am assuming it's for a school project, and I will not do other people's school work for them, but here are some direct resources explaining the advantages.



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Using a guideline for marking assignments make this more systematic. You can set specific criteria per grade, and this will also help the students understand why they got the scores they got

Homework | Answered on Feb 06, 2019

Since M is the mid point of the triangle, the distance of M from A,B and C is equal which means AM = BM = CM.
Therefore, MAB = MBA. In triangle MAB, MAB=45 degrees.
sum of angles in a triangle = 180 deg. So, sum of angles MAB and MBA = 180 - BMA = 180 -45 = 135.
Since both MAB and MBA are equal , MAB = 135/2 = 67.5
In triangle AMC, MAC = MCA . Therefore MAC = 30/2 = 15 deg.
Therefore total BAC = MAC + MAB =82.5 deg.

Homework | Answered on Feb 01, 2019

wrong website. this website is for repair questions . thats if you can read

Homework | Answered on Jan 30, 2019

Reason 1 - Poor Understanding of Math Concepts
Reason 2 - Lack of Math Trick's Knowledge
Reason 3 - No Proper Math Help
Reason 4 - No Motivation to Learn Math

These are some top reasons that why some people hate mathematics.


Homework | Answered on Jan 28, 2019

This hack will help you not only solve this question but also help you solve all similar math problems:
First, We need to know the formula:
The Hack - We will assume that all 5 pens have the same price. Now start with given data-Number of pens = 5
Average price = 712
Put this data in the formula!
712 = sum of values/5
Sum of values = 712*5 = 3560

Next, Given things -
Number of pens = 7
Price of Pen number 6 = 842
Price of Pen number 7 = 680
Average Price = Need to find

Put this data in the formula!Sum of the Values = 3560+842+680 = 5802
Avg = 5802 / 7 = 726

Now, try the formula and the hack with similar problems.
All the best!

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One most important advantage for you as a student: Your chances of making a mistake will be less while implementing the process.

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Social changes are differences that may appear in environments or interactions that you have with others. One social change that someone may encounter as an employee is a job promotion. A social change you may have as a student is a grade change.

Homework | Answered on Jan 23, 2019

23+17=40. 40รท8=6 answer is 6

Homework | Answered on Jan 22, 2019

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