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You need an owners manual or access to factory
manuals to find out how many fail safes your vehicle has

Example: Electronic Throttle Control
Engine Over Temp
Transmission Failsafe
Misfire Fail safe to protect converter

Once you have checked for codes which I assume you have
done long ago,you use them as well as trouble charts to
diagnose things

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

It depends on what you mean by electronic thermostat wire. I assume you have the L322 Range Rover with the BMW M62 4.4 litre V8 petrol engine. It has a heater in the coolant thermostat which causes the thermostat to open further when the engine gets too hot.. The wiring to this often fails due to coolant leakage into the cable. Disconnecting it will make no difference to the running of the engine. (On mine, it has been disconnected due to corrosion).

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

Turn engine on, without moving the car, turn steering wheel from one extreme side to another 4 times, message "air suspension inactive" should be over now (; ])

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Feb 04, 2019

Air Suspension Inactive usually means there is a problem with the Air Suspension. However, it will also come up when alternator or battery voltage is low, or when you reset (disconnect and then connect) the battery. To reset it manually: while in P(ark), turn steering wheel all the way left, hold few seconds, and then all the way right, hold few seconds. All the warning lights will go out. Most common failure is the passenger front air strut, since batteries are prone to leaking acid, it leaks right on top of the rubber airbag and burns through it. Dealer willcharge you one hour to diagnose, or you can easily diagnose this by looking at the ride height of each particular corner of the truck. If its sits low, or emits hissing sound when you park the truck, its leaking. If you keep driving with leaky air strut, you risk burning up the air compressor, as its working extra hard to compensate for the leak. Replacing the strut is easy 45min job even for a novice mechanic, and you can do it yourself. Strut can be found new for approx $750 online. If you are fed up with air suspension issues, there is a $700 kit that converts the truck to springs, and disables all of the air suspension. Look up Arnott Industires

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Dec 28, 2018

1 Check for the "Remote Battery Low" signal message that is displayed on the vehicle's dash once the remote key battery starts to run down. Be sure to replace the battery is before it dies completely. If the battery is dead, it will not be able to start the Range Rover.
2 Buy the correct battery for replacement. Two round CR 2025 batteries are needed. You can purchase them at most major supercenters, camera stores or **** stores. They are a common size and should be readily available.
3 Use a nickel to remove the battery holder on the key remote. Turn the cover until the arrows line up and remove it. The cover fits very tightly and you may need a small screwdriver to pry it off. Remove the battery holder and circular ring from the remote. Take the old batteries out of the battery holder.
4 Place the new batteries in the battery holder. Replace the battery holder and circular ring in the key remote, aligning the arrows. Turn the cover clockwise until it is secure.
5 Resynchronize the key by simply placing the key in the door lock. Lock and unlock the door to the Range Rover and then press the remote control.

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Dec 18, 2018

I would have my fuel pressure tested to make sure the fuel pump did not fail

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Dec 18, 2018

The 'Trans. Failsafe Prog' display indicates a general fault within the trans and this should leave a fault code which can be read off to pinpoint the exact transmission problem. Without this code it will be difficult to correctly identify the source of your problem.

Drop the trans pan and check for debris -- if you have metal in there, then you're going to need a rebuild.

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Dec 18, 2018

Replace the battery. I had issues with transmission and air suspension despite the battery holding charge. New battery fixed it

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Oct 17, 2018

you may broke a piece of fine or rail off in the hole. look in the hole for obstruction , if there is , use a paper clip to remove it

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Feb 02, 2018

From the sound of it you have used a bunch of cowboys to do the work. If the gear shift is operating, the problem must be in the linkage.

If this mob can't find it, get the vehicle towed AT THEIR EXPENSE to a Land Rover specialist or failing that to a auto specialist.

Meanwhile, I'll check with my own specialists to find out if this problem has ever happened for them

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Nov 29, 2017

Rear compartment, right hand side.

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Sep 13, 2017

Is the buzzing when you insert the key related to the steering wheel adjustment?

Re the sensors, has the button on the centre panel which turns the sensors off been pressed? Is the light in the button on or off?

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Sep 13, 2017

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2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Aug 14, 2017

You might need to reset your fob , go onto youtube and should show you what to do , ps does with most cars good luck colin

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Jun 19, 2017

first up get advice from accredited professionals--relations are seldom qualified to help
have the fault codes read to determine where the faults are to eliminate guessing and wasting money
ECM rarely go bad but the CPU program can be corrupted from removing the battery or letting it sit flat battery
That problem can be fixed using the same scan tool the reads the fault codes

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on May 07, 2017

well its a tow truck back to landrover service centre
sort out the battery charging problem and parasitc draw
out of the battery

and clear the fault codes


2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Mar 26, 2017

Sounds more like a low voltage current flow in the ground circuit(harness).
Or the voltage output from ignition switch.
If No check engine light ever came on, or is not on, then the PCM/ECM is telling us there is No fault anywhere,
TCM-automatic transmission computer- uses VSS- vehicle speed sensor, to know when to shift gears.
A low input power to any of these control modules would result in lack of performance
Rough shifting could be caused by low fluid level

1. Check all fuses
2. ensure the battery cables are tight.
3. Check negative from battery has ground to frame rail
4. Check Transmission Fluid Level.

If you notice other symtoms, or situation continues, please post back

2004 Land Rover... | Answered on Mar 02, 2017

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